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Mesh and Bone

Mesh & Bone founder Scott Crist sources, produces and sells unique spirits and ciders from around the world. They work with small families that make artisan spirits and ciders and co-produce with them in Chicago.

We’re thrilled to welcome Scott of Mesh & Bone the Oak Brook Artisan Market at Oakbrook Center on Sat & Sun, May 18-19, 2019. This 2-day outdoor market showcases the Midwest?s finest artisans in fashion, food, home goods + art.

The Mesh & Bone collection includes:
? Pamplemousse – Champagne style cider, blending pink grapefruit and apple. Naturally fermented with no sugar added.
Tasting Note: Perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and complexity.

? Pomme & Poire – Champagne style cider, made in Normandy from apples and pears specially grown in Northern France. Naturally fermented with no sugar added.
Tasting Note: Perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and complexity.

? Shochu – Japanese spirit distilled in a 228-year-old distillery in Japan and made with barley, two special strains of koji (active yeast culture) and Hita spring water, famous throughout Japan for its purity.
Tasting Note: Similar to vodka, but with half the calories, and with a much more layered flavor.

? Sotol – Made from the sotol plant of Chihuahua, Mexico and hand-harvested after maturing 15 years, with one full plant in each bottle. 100% USDA organic.
Tasting Note: Incredibly smooth. Grassy aroma not unlike tequila but without the bite.

? Arakkku – Distilled from hand-harvested coconut flower sap in Sri Lanka and barrel-aged 15 years.
Tasting Note: Like a mellow whiskey or an aged rum with richness and complexity.

About Scott Crist:
Mesh And BoneScott spent the last 22 years working around the globe and was blessed to discover so many places, people and products. He has always been amazed to see how simple products can serve as gateways to understanding different cultures. During his travels, the strongest connections with locals usually happened over a bottle of their native spirit.

He was surprised to learn how many of the world’s spirits were unknown to the outside world. Believing we are all a MESH of one benevolent spirit, and made of flesh and BONE, he started Mesh & Bone to spread this unifying message and to share the treasures and the amazing people and places behind them.

Mesh & Bone
Chicago, IL
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