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Objects that celebrate slowness


Manual, founded by Chicago product designer Craighton Berman, is a new kitchenware brand that designs products for people who aren’t afraid to use their hands.

We welcome you to shop with Manual at the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, December 2, 2018 from 10am-4pm at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St.), where they will be joined by 110+ top Chicago artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

ManualSome favorite Manual products:
Stool Nº1 – Designed on the North side of Chicago, the steel wire frame for Stool Nº1 is CNC-bent and hand welded on the west side of Chicago. The durable powder coat finish is applied on the South side. The CNC-cut and hand-finished hardwood seat is made in Appleton, WI. Stool Nº1 is the proud product of Midwest manufacturing.
Coffeemaker – A flexible coffee system that allows you to slow-brew coffee 3 ways … pour-over, French press or cold brew.
Tea – This is a modern interpretation of the gaiwan – a traditional Chinese loose leaf tea brewing vessel.
Cocktails & beer – A line of glassware for spirits that centers around a set of hand-blown frosted glass decanters as well as the made-in-Chicago beer opener made of laser cut steel and genuine Horween Leather.

Manual designs objects that celebrate slowness.

In a time when mainstream culture pushes us towards the ultimate conveniences – the fastest food, miracle appliances, and AI technology that does the thinking for us – Manual has a divergent perspective.

They think food should slow you down. It’s a time for nourishment for yourself and those you love. Food has the unique ability to bring people together, to spark joy, and to celebrate what nature has created and what humans have learned to cultivate and craft.

Manual values craft over convenience. They choose simplicity over novelty and elevate routines into rituals.

Manual is more than a brand name – it’s their philosophy for creating products that encourage you to slow down, think about what you’re doing and appreciate the moment. The word “manual” means doing things by hand, but it’s also a reference to “user manuals” – the paper booklets that explain how things work. Ultimately, they aim to create products that (i) can be used everyday; (ii) you love even more over time; and (iii) inspire curiosity.

Behind Manual:
Manual was founded and is directed by Craighton Berman – a designer who has worked in the permanent collection of The Art Institute of Chicago and was the first designer to use Kickstarter to launch a product. Based on his background of object design mixed with a DIY attitude, Manual was founded to produce products in the spirit of slow food.

Chicago, IL
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Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing