MAJAMAS Earth – Eco-friendly Apparel

USA MADE - ethical & eco-friendly


At MAJAMAS, they are committed to making beautiful clothing that doesn’t destroy our beautiful planet. Their garments are not only sewn in the United States, but even the elastics and fabrics that go into them are made here too. We love that cute and comfortable can coexist with this line and we admire the hands-on, earth-friendly quality controls they have in place.

They do their very best to use Organic Cottons and environmentally friendly fabrics like Modal and Tencel in every piece of clothing they make. By sewing their clothing here, MAJAMAS can be sure nothing is sprayed with chemicals, waste water isn’t dumped into our oceans and the people sewing them are paid fair wages. It’s fashion you can feel good about.

MAJAMASThe MAJAMAS line includes:
Women – Tops, bottoms, hoodies, travel & lounge wear – you’ll find something for every need, everyday.
Maternity – MAJAMAS for MAMAS offers a full line of tops, bottoms, dresses, pajamas and loungewear to keep you feeling good to the very end of your pregnancy.
Foundation Wear – All-day comfort underwear made from super soft, moisture-wicking material, in a variety of styles, designs and fabric options.
Gifts – give a gift boxed bundle of the most popular, top-rates MAJAMAS.
Men – coming soon – watch for the line of loungewear, tees and boxers.

To view the complete line, please visit their website.

Sure, you could buy a less expensive bra or a cheaper pair of pajamas but at MAJAMAS, they choose to operate the responsible way, not the cheapest way. MAJAMAS recognizes that our planet’s well being goes well beyond the economical, and for that reason their operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, regardless of the cost.

MAJAMASFashion can be comfortable but can it be clean? The fashion industry is the second highest polluter, right behind oil so when Germaine Caprio, company Owner & Designer, decided to start a garment line in 1999, she was conflicted. She was raised by a mom well ahead of her time who hated to throw trash into landfills and started recycling in the early 70s. Germaine’s mom saw climate change coming way before any scientist and her passion for protecting our planet impacted her daughter greatly. That’s why Germaine began her journey to turn an ugly industry into a beautiful one, inside and out.

Be sure to check out the MAJAMAS collection at their table at StyleChicago’s FashionChicago Shopping Party on Friday, May 4, 2018.

They hope you’ll support their mission, and they’re confident once you wear their clothes, you’ll realize it really is possible to create ethical fashion that is whimsical, super comfortable and less harmful to our planet.