LUX Blox – Smart, Space-age Alternative to Building Brick Toys

A new block for a new century

LUX Blox - Ferris Wheel made from bendable construction toy

LUX Blox is a revolutionary construction toy which teaches kids (and adults) about nature?s design principles through play. LUX Blox link together instead of stacking ? allowing them to bend, flex and move like no other construction toy.

In 2019, LUX Blox was the “Grand Prize Winner” (out of 13,000+ entries!) of the Fed Ex Small Business Grant Challenge.

Don’t miss your chance to meet & shop with LUX Blox at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, September 22, 2019 (10am-4pm) along with Chicago?s finest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Called “Next-Level Legos” by New York Magazine and a “Toy Inspiring Engineering Thinking” by Purdue University, this award-winning construction toy imitates nature at the structural and mechanical level. LUX was designed to inspire children to invent and explore nature?s design principles in a most entertaining way.

LUX is also a Parents’ Choice Award Winner and was named “2018 Top Toy” by Autism Live for help in developing fine motor skills and concentration.

Made in USA – Galesburg, IL based LUX Blox is the rarest of toy companies. It makes its products in the United States and ships free throughout the country. 

LUX Blox products are packaged by Bridgeway, a local non-profit that employs adults with intellectual disabilities.

Lux Blox? Fidget Flexers – With amazing motion, a satisfying ?click? sound, and 5 color options to choose from, these keep kids focused and flex their minds; includes 30 pieces.

? Starter Kit – The 88-piece beginner set has just enough builds to learn the basics of LUX with instructions to make a cycle, a robot, a helicopter, a Martian Lander, a pair of goggles and more.

? Young Genius Set – Includes a Big Idea book to use this 200 piece set to make star ships, dinosaurs, gimbals, capillarion, H-frame cycles, ray guns, and almost anything else you can imagine; accessories
include fluted birch dowels milled in Haywood, WI.

? Jumbo Genius Set – Explore deeper and have a larger play experience as you build castles and cathedrals and other architecture with 450 pieces.

How are they different?
LUX Blox connect with a hinge to make structures that curve, bend and move. Users can tap into modern engineering principles when building with LUX and are able to make creations from simple machines to complicated structures.

Who are they for?
LUX is not only entertaining, but is the ultimate ?hands-on? STEAM learning tool. Individuals with autism and sensory disorders also enjoy LUX, and they were recently named ?Top Toy? for Autistic Teens. LUX is literally a user interface with nature at the structural level, which is why so many different kinds of people of all ages and backgrounds love playing with them.

LUX utilizes nature’s own design principles to change the ecology of play by integrating the connection-making abilities of the mind with the connection-making principles of the universe. It?s all about linking thinking. Instead of stacking or sticking, LUX Blox link like nature.

Lux BloxHow LUX was built:
The LUX story started when Michael and Heather Acerra of Galesburg, IL set out to make a construction system that would build things the same way nature builds itself. They enlisted the aid of Daniel Wollin, a 15-year-old German whiz kid who lived down the street, bought a 3D printer and began a three-year project to build a better block.

LUX is family-owned, based in Galesburg, manufactured and packaged in the USA, and made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic, a material commonly used in the manufacture of children?s toys like Lego bricks – that has been tested to be safe for use by children.

Commitment to Employing Adults with Disabilities:
LUX Blox is proud to employ adults with intellectual disabilities through Bridgeway, a local nonprofit, for the company’s packaging and fulfillment needs.

LUX Blox
Galesburg, IL
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