You reach into your pocket for your lip balm and realize it’s gone. You either suffer for days with burnt cracking lips, or pony up for another tube.

Sound familiar? With LipZipz, you’ll never experience this pain again. LipZipz has perfected the art of lip balm with some strings attached.

LipZipz was scientifically engineered to avoid getting lost.

LipZipz attaches to virtually anything and its integrated recoil device provides up to 60 cms of length. Whenever you need LipZipz, it is right by your side, within reach.

LipZipz’s lid is attached to the tube to eliminate lid loss and facilitate one handed application.

LipZipz offers three categories of lip balm:

Sport Line – Edgy and fun and enhances the original Pink Shimmer and Cool Peppermint products by adding four new flavors; Citrus, Pina Colada, Berry and Unflavored

Classic Line – Sophisticated style and consists of Unflavored, Citrus, Pina Colada, Cool Peppermint, Mint, and Berry flavors

Camo Line – Hunter/tree camouflage design that is unflavored

LipZipz products come with a patent pending integrated retractor and flip top lip so you no longer have to worry about losing your lip balm.

LipZipz uses premium natural ingredients that soothe, moisturize and protect your lips. LipZipz is high quality beeswax based lip balm that contains SPF 15, Vitamin E, and Aloe.

Lipzipz can be found in stores or online.

To learn more about LipZipz or to learn more about LipZipz products, please visit them online at



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