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Open since 2003, Linda Warren Projects represents a diverse stable of talented emerging artists, both local and national. The eclectic collection is genre-blind, and gallery visitors will encounter a vast array of media and styles – everything from naturalistic painting and sculpture to mixed media decorative ceramics.

Owner Linda Warren proudly describes her gallery program as “consistently inconsistent.” While her Fulton Market gallery content may be unpredictable, its quality is always a sure thing.

Linda Warren’s passion for her artists’ work is contagious, making this gallery the perfect destination for emergingcollectors and anyone looking to broaden their cultural awareness and artistic appreciation.

Featured Artists:
Andrew LeMay Cox * Peter Drake * Eric Edward Esper * Megan Euker * Eric Finzi * Doug Fogelson * Lora Fosberg * Carson Fox * Conrad Freiburg * Glenn Goldberg * Nicole Gordon * Paula Henderson * Michiko Itatani * Emmett Kerrigan * Shannon Kerrigan * William Eckhardt Kohler * Heather Marshall * Shay Kun *Brenda Moore * Judith Mullen * Joseph Noderer * Alex O?Neal * Kim Piotrowski * Jennifer Presant * David Reninger * Nina Rizzo * Chris Silva * Michael Stillion * Zach Taylor * Tom Torluemke * Chris Uphues * Ed Valentine * Tom Van Eynde * Jon Waldo * Matthew Woodward

Exhibition openings are not-to-be-missed events – bring a friend (and an open mind) and join in the fun. View upcoming exhibitions at Linda Warren Gallery.

Linda Warren Projects also provides a wide range of art consulting services to both the private and corporate collectors.  She has curated corprorate art collections for major corporations including Eaton Corporation (in Cleveland and Dublin) and Kirkland & Ellis (in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston  and Los Angeles).

For more information, please visit the Linda Warren Gallery online.

Linda Warren Projects
327 N. Aberdeen St.
Suite 151
Chicago, IL 60607

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