Lana Vosk – 100% Original Handcrafted Knitwear Designs

Lana Vosk

Lana Vosk from designer and creator Lana Voskoboynik, is a knitwear design studio of handcrafted garments and accessories and original knitting patterns, 100% designed and handcrafted by Lana.

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Knitting is Lana’s solace and means of achieving inner peace. Designing, creating and improvising is what she enjoys the most – it frees her imagination, and it gives her optimism.

About Lana:
Knitting is a true passion in her life. She learned to hold a pair of needles even before she learned to hold a pen. Lana started knitting scarves for her dolls back in preschool in her native Ukraine, and since then, she has never put the needles down. As a first grader with no knitting books, no yarn shops and no supplies, she had just one pair of needles and one ball of yarn. She created jer first “infinity” scarf, and when all the yarn was used, she unravelled the scarf just so she could have a ball of yarn again to start over, and then again and again. Lana knit garments for herself starting in middle school, as a way to find her individuality and style, and to let her creativity gene be expressed.

As the years passed, miles of knitted yards and unimaginable amounts of stitches went through her hands, and she is still full of creative ideas.

Lana Vosk
Milwaukee, WI
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