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Kono & Co. jewelry - gold necklaces

Christina Chon’s Kono & Co. creates simple, meaningful jewelry with dainty but durable designs, intended for the every day you. Some of the gold-filled collections can be customized, and there are a few “mommy and me” inspired pieces as well.

Shop and meet Kono & Co. at the Chicago Artisan Market in Ravenswood on Sat- Sun, April 22-23, 2023 at 4325 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago (Artifact Events Bldg.). Discover top Chicago & Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Shop the jewelry collection that includes:
Bracelets – available in both adult and children’s sizes, with various beads and stones, personalized with initials or names, and customizable Morse Code bracelets
Earrings – hoops, studs and horseshoe earrings
Necklaces – Zodiac, beaded, customized bar, Morse Code, choker and birthstone options available
Rings – wrapped gold filled wire and band options

The word “kono” means dexterity and leader, which is the perfect name for this handmade jewelry company. It all started with making modern friendship bracelets inspired by her mom while Christina was pregnant. Since the birth of her beautiful, sassy daughter named Kono, the jewelry lines has evolved. While Christina and her daughter may not make jewelry together yet, a lot of pieces have been created with her in mind.

The inspiration behind the jewelry:
Christina ChonChristina Chon is the woman behind Kono & Co., which was initially started to create modern friendship bracelets inspired by her mother. Back in junior high, Christina’s mom used to make bracelets for her that had her name or a word on them. She cut out rectangle shapes from video cassette covers for the base and started to string colorful pieces around and around, always layering them so carefully. Christina started to help her mom make more bracelets for her friends. Around this time, her mom’s cancer came back, but the bracelet-making gave them an outlet for bonding and enjoying each other’s company, instead of dwelling on the negatives. Christina’s mom passed away in the year 2000, but their great memories together live on through her jewelry.

Kono & Co.
Chicago, IL
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