Idle Hands Pottery – Pottery With Sculptural Elements

Brighten your home with functional pottery

Idle Hands Pottery

Artist and potter Deena Schroeder-Sears of Idle Hands Pottery makes unique, eclectic, handmade pottery with an edge that is crafted completely by hand, with fresh color combinations to brighten your home.

Shop & support Idle Hands Pottery at the Oak Brook Artisan Market at The Drake Hotel – Oak Brook on Sat & Sun, May 22-23, 2021. This 2-day outdoor market showcases the Midwest’s finest artisans in fashion, food, home goods + art. (mask required in market area)

Everything is handmade and either wheel-thrown or hand built using either stoneware or porcelain clay. The bright, fresh colors are made with Deena’s own glaze recipes. She enjoys adding sculptural elements to the pieces which is a signature element in Idle Hands Pottery. Items created include mugs, bowls, platters, trivets, coasters, trays and ceramic jewelry. They also do custom orders.

All pieces and decorations are designed, created and applied by Deena. Most of the Idle Hands Pottery pieces uses a white stoneware clay body from standard clay. Occasionally, porcelain, speckled stoneware and sometimes the beautifully luscious black Cassius Basaltic stoneware clay from Aardvark Clay is used.

Idle Hands PotteryIs the pottery microwave safe?
• For the most part, yes! If a piece is finished with gold or silver luster, that piece is NOT to be put into the microwave because it is real metal.

Is the pottery dishwasher safe?
• Again, for the most part yes. Pieces with gold or silver luster are not recommended for the dishwasher as it will tarnish and discolor the luster over time. The gold used is real 22k gold, and the silver is actually white gold.

All of the serving and functional pieces (mugs, cups, bowls, etc.) are food safe.

About Deena Schroeder-Sears:
She is a potter, painter, teacher, mother, craftswoman, and lover of the natural world. An artist her whole life, she recently found herself addicted to clay. While her main mediums are ceramics and painting, Deens just loves to work with her hands and create. Deena teaches high school art, and greatly enjoy passing the knowledge down to the next generation and seeing that spark of creativity set in. Art has been her lifelong love, and her art teachers helped mold her into who she is today.

Idle Hands Pottery
Joliet, IL
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