Hand Crafted Wellness – Small Batch Skincare

All natural products for your body and home

Hand Crafted Wellness

Hand Crafted Wellness, created by sisters Marika Bednarski and Karina Kowalska, is a back-to-the-basics skin and body care line crafted with all natural, accessible ingredients.

Karina and Marika had enough of industries putting crap in the products that were thought to be safe to use on and in your body and in your home. The sisters started making products for themselves and as gifts for family and friends. What started as a hobby has become so much more as everyone who has tried their products has loved the line … and they keep coming back for more.

Sample products and shop with the sisters of Hand Crafted Wellness at the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, December 2, 2018 at Morgan MFG, where they will be joined 100+ top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.Hand Crafted Wellness

Soap – shampoo & body bars
Skin Care – scrubs, body butters, creams, oils & lip balms
• Natural Home Products – candles, sprays

There are a select few large scale manufacturers that still try to provide organic, healthy products. But, when selling in large quantities and in stores, there are pretty strict rules to follow, and those usually require some type of preservatives.

Every item from Hand Crafted Wellness is made in small batches and tested first by Karina and Marika to make sure it works the way they want it to. Every product made always uses natural ingredients and organic ingredients whenever available. They prefer to use glass containers when it makes sense, but since not everything works well in glass, the plastic containers used are always environmentally friendly.

Hand Crafted Wellness
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