Halfwit Coffee Roasters: Small-batch, Roasted in Chicago

High caliber coffee with the least amount of pretense

Halfwit Coffee Roasters

HalfWit Coffee Roasters are a team of seasoned Chicago coffee professionals dedicated to providing the highest caliber coffee with the least amount of pretense. They proudly offer expertly roasted, seasonally-selected coffees, while celebrating the places they are grown and the people who drink them.

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Halfiwt Coffee RoastersRwanda Tumba Village – Tumba Village coffee has all the classic chocolatey, spicy, and citric characteristics commonly associated with Bourbons from the Rulindo region. Immaculately structured and balanced, notes of milk chocolate are bolstered by a pronounced pineapple sweetness and rounded out by a tart and effervescent lemon acidity.
Guatemala Finca Rosario de Fátima – Nestled in the mountainous, misty Cobán region, the unique microclimate, high humidity, and thick cloud cover provide the crops with ample moisture and allow for the coffee plants to grow with minimal shade trees. A washed hybrid of Caturra, Catuaí, and Bourbon cultivars, Fátima ripples with a juicy mandarin acidity and notes of brown sugar and nectarines.
Ethiopia Nano Challa – Nano Challa sits in the Jimma region, home to one of the last remaining rainforests in Ethiopia. Coffee grows wild here, protected by the forests and collected by the farmers of the cooperative. The microclimates of the rainforest and the genetic diversity of plants several generations old bring forth a cup bursting with all of the best fruited and tea-like qualities we’ve come to expect – heirloom coffee varieties from Ethiopia hold 99% of genetic material in comparison to the rest of the world’s varieties. There are so many great tasting notes out of this one: honeysuckle aromatics, strawberry jam, lemon candy, and a sweet marshmallow finish.
Triforce Espresso Blend – The Colombian component adds big creamy body and milk chocolate sweetness to this espresso, while the washed Yirgacheffe adds a vibrant citrus quality that peeks out from underneath those sweeter chocolate notes.
Moonbat Blend – A blend of thirds, with coffees from Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala, this blend has notes of black cherry, dark chocolate and baking spice.
Decaf Colombia – One of the best decafs Halfwit has ever tried, with much more flavor complexity than other decaf offerings, the taste has hints of chocolate cake, mixed berries, and marshmallow.

Halfwit Coffee RoastersAt Halfwit Coffee Roasters, learning is part of how they do business. With a world of coffee out there, they try to understand and respect their place in a global system by learning about and visiting their partners at origin and always paying fair prices for coffee. They use the science of roasting to illuminate their coffees, with reverence to where they were grown and who grew them. Halfwit invests in the education of their partners with a comprehensive training program, centered on a holistic and evolving understanding of coffee, not just a mechanical overview.

They are savvy about what they do, and they want you to feel comfortable about asking questions and having fun… let Halfwit worry about making your coffee taste good.

Guaranteed fresh, the Halfwit Coffee roast days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

From bean to brew:
Founded in 2012, Halfwit Coffee Roasters began as a way to provide baristas and consumers alike with a panoramic understanding of coffee, from the first leaf to the final sip. Halfwit started as the brainchild of the team at The Wormhole Coffee, a café in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Since inception, they have sought to discover ways to combine the world of beverage science with the arts of service and hospitality. Building on a foundation of knowledge from diverse perspectives, their goal is to provide expertly roasted, seasonal coffees, industry leading training, and a competitive equipment program. Halfwit takes it slow, never letting growth be their defining goal, while listening to the needs of their existing customers first. Halfwit keeps it fun, because no one should take themselves – or their coffee – too seriously.

HalfWit Coffee Roasters
Chicago, IL
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