The Guiltless Garden: Good Nutrition Meets Flavor in Guiltless Guac

Insanely well-balanced foods

The Guiltless Garden

Guiltless Guac from The Guiltless Garden is a combination of avocado, vegetables, and beans. At only 160 calories for an entire 8oz container, it has been called the “Halo Top of Guac.” Guiltless Guac also packs more plant-based protein and fiber per calorie, compared to regular guacamole.

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Founded by Cheryl and Maria, two Registered Dietitians trying to make a difference in the food industry, The Guiltless Garden creates insanely well-balanced foods to enhance health without compromising taste. The Guiltless Garden is a trusted brand that enhances the nutrition of products that consumers already know and love.The Guiltless Garden

The Six Flavor Offerings:
Traditional – Diced Tomatoes, Jalapeno, Serrano, Cilantro
Asian Sensation – Toasted Sesame Seeds, Fresno Peppers, Ginger
Tropical Tango – Diced Pineapple, Watercress
Minty Mango – Mango, Mint, Red Onion
Smoked BBQ – Fire Roasted Corn, Red Onion, Scallions, Natural Smoke Flavor
BLT – Bacon, Lime, Tomatoes

Green peas, broccoli, avocado, cannellini beans, and lima beans are combined in a food processor. Then, the bright colors of tomato,  jalapeno, serrano, and cilantro are folded in to the traditional flavor.

Isn’t avocado a good fat?
It is! However, a normal serving size of guacamole is two tablespoons. TWO! Cheryl and Maria determined that the average guac-lover eats about a 1/2 cup – 1 cup (8-16 tablespoons). Guiltless Guac is a combination of avocado, vegetables, and beans. Fewer calories, less fat, increased protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The Guiltless Garden aims to take the guesswork out of the grocery aisle. Guiltless means dietitian-made and approved products you can trust. Bonus – their guac is non-browning!

An idea takes root in Chicago:
The Guiltless Garden was founded by two Registered Dietitians, Cheryl Fitzgerald and Maria Dellanina. Guiltless Guac was born out of a Dominican University course called “Experimental Foods.” While studying to become dietitians, Cheryl and Maria realized their passion for food product development. They discovered they could positively influence the food industry and create a lasting impact on public health.

The Guiltless GardenAt the end of the semester, Cheryl and Maria were encouraged by members of the food industry to land their guiltless product onto store shelves. They started selling in Chicagoland farmer’s markets and food festivals shortly thereafter.

They call their foods “insanely well-balanced” because much of their time in the kitchen has been spent weighing out ingredients to a thousandth of a gram. Their promise to you is that they will work insanely hard to get the consistency, flavor, and nutrition right every single time.

The Guiltless Garden
Chicago, IL
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