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GOAT Climb & Cryo - 300 W. Ontario St., Chicago, IL 60654

Goat Climb & Cryo

GOAT Climb & Cryo is a revolutionary health and fitness destination in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. This premier fitness and recovery studio combines the popular total-body workout of the VersaClimber, with the active recovery solution of Cryotherapy and the latest in recovery innovations.

We are excited to welcome GOAT Climb & Cryo to StyleChicago.com’s Resolutions 2020 at the W Chicago – City Center on Friday, January 31, 2020. Learn about the most effective and complete system of workout AND recovery.

The services GOAT Climb & Cryo offers include:

VeraClimber: Made in California, VersaClimber is hand built for toughness and quality. When it comes to getting in shape, dropping unwanted pounds and building a stronger healthier heart, VersaClimber offers the most effective, complete, total body work out available of any cardio equipment. It offers a ridiculous power, strength, and cardio workout while burning 600-800 calories in a 30-minute session. (That’s more calories per minute than any other group fitness class.)

Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures (about -180°C) for medical and therapeutic purposes. Different forms of cold therapy have been used to treat and relieve pain and illness for generations and has been known to speed up the recovery process too. This makes it an effective alternative to simple applications such as ice packs and ice baths or tubs.

Goat ClimbCryoskin: Cryoskin is non-invasive treatment used for slimming, cellulite reduction, and toning. The session lasts for 28 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. Treatments are painless, do not involve suction, and can cover a larger area when compared to other sculpting techniques. CryoSlimming uses heating before cooling which causes fat cells to come to the surface and subsequently be destroyed. Cryotoning uses cooling to improve circulation resulting in collagen deposition to reduce cellulite and fine lines.

IR Sauna: Use an IR Sauna to detoxify the body and improve skin, soreness, pain, metabolism and sleep. Because traditional saunas use high temperatures, most people find them uncomfortable. IR saunas are different since they heat the body directly and use much lower temperatures, making them not only much more comfortable to use, but more effective in releasing toxins.

Goat ClimbNormatec Compression Therapy: Recovery allows your endocrine system to function properly and keep your body balanced with the hormones levels it needs to function optimally.

Hyperice Raptor Vibration Therapy: The Raptor is a new and revolutionary therapeutic massage device that administers rapid mechanical percussive energy that penetrates all muscle layers and body tissues. This advanced technology provides therapeutic relief quicker and more effectively than the simple vibration treatments of many other therapeutic devices.

In the sleek, state-of-the-art studios, clients will not just workout and recover –  they will reach peak fitness and health levels. The GOAT Climb & Cryo team of inspiring fitness instructors and recovery experts are committed to guiding clients to exceed their fitness, recovery and well-being goals.

GOAT Climb & Cryo
300 W. Ontario St.
Chicago, IL 60654
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