Fly2Buy – Handmade Jewelry from Around the World

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Fly2Buy – Handmade Jewelry from Around the World

Fly2Buy is a fun, interesting and regularly updated marketplace, carrying the highest quality jewelry and gifts at the absolutely lowest prices anywhere! They want to introduce you to new and creative entrepreneurs, showcasing their unique products and services. These jewelry designers also follow the trends on the runways of New York and Paris and replicate jewelry designs from the leading fashion magazines as well.

The Fly2Buy collection includes:
? Necklaces
? Bracelets
? Earrings
? Rings
? Brooches
? Accessories
? Wedding
? Gifts for men and children

Beautiful pearls are a mainstay when the buyer travels throughout Asia. The value of the pearls may vary, but she always chooses the highest quality for the best prices, so that they can pass the savings on to their customers. The fresh water pearls vary in shapes, colors and sizes. The highest quality fresh water pearls are more perfectly shaped and have the most luster. The shell pearls, or mother of pearl, are made from the nacre on the inside of the shell of the oyster. They are polished for the luster and generally are 8mm up to 14mm in diameter. They may be laser dyed to create a rainbow of colors and can be worn with a pair of jeans, a business suit or an evening on the town.

Fly2Buy also purchases jewelry from India and the United Kingdom and anywhere else they see beautiful jewelry that is fashionable and a great price. Most of the earrings have sterling silver lever back closures or silver hooks. (If they are not sterling, they are stainless steel backs.)

Most important to Fly2Buy is connecting with the customers – to listen, be responsive and reliable. Whether helping you design jewelry for a special wedding, suggesting unique gift ideas or listening to you on how they can improve your personal shopping experience, it is all about you, their very special customers.

About the company:
Fly2Buy is a family owned business. Betty, the owner, has been a flight attendant with a major airline for almost 40 years. With the ability to travel all over the world, find incredible bargains and unique gift ideas while listening to suggestions of flight attendant friends, she has found beautiful jewelry and gifts. Many of the jewelry pieces are original designs as she has found creative people in all corners of the world who design these beautiful products at unbelievably low prices.

They are very excited to be working together as a family to bring you an excellent and fun shopping experience. Fly2Buy can also design special jewelry or copy pieces for a wedding or special affair. Just let us know and we will let you know promptly if it is possible. Please let us know any suggestions that you may have to improve our service to you.

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Elmhurst, IL 60126
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