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Echo Vie

Echo Vie is a holistic skincare line created by celebrity makeup artist Susie Lee, a three-time cancer survivor, mother and Creator in Chief. All the fragrant, artisan Echo Vie skincare products are hand crafted and poured in small batches from a blend of quality natural and organic ingredients. Each product is created with the aim of only using ingredients that are effective, nourishing and healing.

We are excited to welcome Susie Lee and Echo Vie to the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, July 21, 2019 from 10am-4pm at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St.), where she will join 100+ top artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

Favorites from the line include:Echo Vie
? Jade Gua Sha Tool – Pronounced gwah-shah, this comes from the Chinese word for scraping. Gua sha is a technique used in traditional East Asian medicine to treat muscle pain and tension. When these techniques are used on the face, it can help to relieve muscle tension, decrease puffiness and increase circulation.
? Facial Oils – Protect skin while hydrating for a youthful glow, reduce inflammation, prevent cell damage, increase skin?s elasticity, reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes, scars and stretchmarks – learn which oil is best for you.
? Jade Face Roller – Good for lymphatic drainage, relieving muscle tension (creating fewer wrinkles) and helping with puffiness, this is great for your face, neck or anywhere else on your body.
? Tinted Lip Balm – This all-natural lip balm targets flaky, dry skin and stimulates collagen and elastin to keep lips youthful and healthy. The plant based formula is lightly scented with peppermint and keeps lips fresh and hydrated without the use of parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic coloring.

At Echo Vie, they believe skincare is slow, deliberate and intentional, and mixing quality natural ingredients is a magical process of creation. Every detail is a conscious decision – from each ingredient chosen to the artisan packaging with the hand drawn foliage. The products are housed in violet glass, which helps to protect the sensitive items in the line from light and maintain the quality of the products.

Born from medical necessity:
Susie Lee’s difficult experiences challenged her to become more conscious and aware of toxins both in foods and personal care products. She realized the need to create products that were beautiful, natural and luxurious.

“I created Echo Vie products for my own needs; chemotherapy made a mess of my skin and body and the oils helped to replenish and nourish it back to vitality. As soon as I was healthy, I knew I wanted to share my products with others – products with natural and organic ingredients that are very effective, moisturizing, and healing, without any chemicals.”

Echo Vie
Chicago, IL
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