Cirque Shanghai – Martial-Arts Prowess in “Warriors”

Pepsi Skyline Stage - 600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago

Cirque Shanghai
Cirque Shanghai at Navy Pier

In their all-new show at Navy Pier, Cirque Shanghai: Warriors combines the impressive acrobatics the troupe is famous for with the martial-arts prowess of Chinese kung fu and wu shu masters.

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The result is a powerful display of athleticism and mastery of the disciplines that’ve formed the backbone of ancient Chinese military might for thousands of years. This production also brings an extraordinary lineup of thrilling acts to the stage, including The Kinetic Poles, the powerful Water Meteor and the heart-pounding Pageant of Arms. Returning to the production from last year is the fate-tempting Wheel of Destiny and China’s finest daredevil steel-globe motorcycle troupe, Imperial Thunder. Plus, on selected dates, you can catch the fireworks display on the pier after the show.

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