Christopher Augmon: Fine Jewelry & Luxury Handbags

Using only the rarest, best-quality products to deliver exquisite craftsmanship

Christopher Augmon
Photo courtesy of Christopher Augmon

Christopher Augmon is a premier fine jewelry, engagement ring, custom jewelry and luxury handbag designer using only the rarest, best-quality products to deliver exquisite craftsmanship.

The line includes:
• Rings – gem, birthstone, engagement
• Earrings
• Bracelets
• Necklaces
• Clutches & handbags

“The inspiration for Christopher Augmon, Fine Jewelry, Designer Jewelry and Luxury Handbag Designs comes from the influences that culture has played in my entire life. Having been exposed to many different customs and ethnicities, I’ve come to appreciate, embrace, respect, and value the richness of a variety of cultures; my designs are a combination of Classic, Street, Edge and Contemporary Fashion Designs ” said Christopher Augmon, founder, CEO and creative director of Christopher Augmon Fashions for almost eight years.

“Along with cultural influences is my passion as a designer. Minimalism and statement designs are my muse. However, I want my clients to wear my designs, not to have my designs wear my clients. Combined, they are the sources of my ideas and my ability to create exciting, new looks in fine jewelry and handbags that fulfill consumers’ needs for uniqueness, style, edge, individuality, function, and timeless fashion designs. My designs are wearable, unintentional fashion pieces that articulate trend and style”.

His current lines consist of Custom Fine Jewelry, Custom Bridal Rings and Wedding Bands, Silver Jewelry Collection, Custom Luxury Handbags, Designer Jewelry, Designer Fashion and 18K Fine Jewelry Collection. His 18K Fine Jewelry Collection is inspired and dedicated to giving back to youth (18K) in underserved communities. Christopher Augmon has been a volunteer and giving back to youth in local communities for more than 25 years, and 5% of net proceeds from the sales of his collections go to youth programs within the communities.

About Christopher Augmon:
Christopher started designing leather apparel in 2008 and decided to focus on high-end luxury designer handbags, fine jewelry including a line of wedding bands in gold, platinum and diamond. He saw that women and men, especially in the Midwest, wanted great quality and unique, fashionable designs that could be worn in all seasons and for multiple occasions. He networked, researched and learned handbag leather, textile, metals, gems, diamonds and plating hardware applications from Los Angeles, China, India and Italy.

Many celebrities have worn Christopher Augmon handbags and accessories including Zoe Saldana and Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose.

To learn more about the company, learn where to buy or request an appointment, please visit the website.