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The Chow Bros. - 205 W. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL. 60606

The Chow Brothers Pierogi

The Chow Brothers was founded by two Chicago Polish boys (both trained chefs), inspired by a family of amazing cooks, serving elevated pierogi, all-natural kielbasa and their pickle-magic. Chris and Mark’s heritage guides their love of Central-European gastronomy while culinary curiosity and experience inspires the journey to elevate and reimagine the amazing cuisine from this region.

CHOWaniec is the boy’s Polish surname and for as long as they can remember, friends have called them “Chow” – it feels that serendipity chose the brand name for them.

People have been raving about The Chow Brothers food, and they use old-school techniques of natural pickling, fermentation, brewing and braising to bring big, bold flavors to every bite. The menu specializes in pierogi, kielbasa (Polish sausage), pickles, sauerkraut and chow chow.

Meet, sample & shop with The Chow Brothers at the Chicago Artisan Market at Morgan Manufacturing (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago) on Sunday, September 16, 2018 (10am-4pm) along with Chicago?s finest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

What is a pierogi? Pierogi are dumplings made from unleavened dough, wrapped around a variety of tasty fillings. Within most cultures, amazing recipes started as peasant food and out of need for sustenance and survival – especially dumplings! Pierogi are no exception, but they did quickly become a favorite among all classes in Poland. All The Chow Brothers pierogi dough is made with non-GMO flour and is 100% vegan.

Pierogi fillings include:
• Chicken Pot Pie
• Wine-Braised Beef
• Bourbon-Maple Pork
• Purple Potato & Goat Cheese
• Sweet Potato Green Curry
• Mushroom, Quinoa & Sage

They make something for everyone (vegetarian, vegan and gluten free included) with respect to discerning palates, modern diet and busy lifestyles.

The Chow Brothers history:The Chow Brothers
Chris and Mark’s parents are hardworking immigrants and mindful backyard gardeners with a heritage rooted in good food and responsible farming practices. Growing up, their Babcia (bahb-cha = grandmother) was the Queen of Pierogi. She?d bust out her dumpling-making skills as she hand-crafted her stuffed wonders. Chris and Mark witnessed the meticulous attention she gave to making the dough, preparing the filling and getting the crimp perfect. She never took shortcuts to ensure quality and flavor. Their superhuman Babcia was the ultimate survivor (literally a refugee survivor of Nazi labor camps and Communist oppression), organic farmer, family matriarch (14 kids!) and all-around wonder woman. The Chow Brothers use her values to reimagine traditions in delicious ways – always elevating and exciting with new, distinct and seasonal varieties. Their food is Babcia approved and they officially started The Chow Brothers in 2012.

The Chow Bros.
205 W. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL. 60606
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