Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

Helping migratory birds safely navigate the Loop

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors
Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

We first learned about the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and their daily rescue work from the Facebook page of WGN’s Marcus Leshock.

He writes: “A group of volunteers walks the Chicago Loop every morning, rescuing injured birds that collide with downtown buildings. We followed the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors on one of their early morning shifts. They collect the injured birds and take them to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center out in Glen Ellyn. When possible, the birds are nursed back to life and released into the wild.”

We had no idea this group existed, but with a billion birds killed each year in North America after colliding with windows…we are grateful for these volunteers.

To learn more about the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and find out how you can help, please visit their website. They partner with the Willowbrook Wildlife Preserve in rescue, rehab and release and you can learn more about their efforts here.

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