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A holistic culinary company

Chicago Artizen

Chicago Artizen is a holistic culinary company by Elsie and Aaron Lindgren. Their focus is hand-crafted gourmet chocolates that tantalize the palate and eco-friendly and socially conscious practices that satisfy the soul. Chicago Artizen is committed to excellence and exclusively uses Guittard chocolate.

We are excited to have Chicago Artizen at the Oak Brook Artisan Market at Oakbrook Center on Sat & Sun, May 18-19, 2019. This 2-day outdoor market showcases the Midwest?s finest artisans in fashion, food, home goods + art.

Their specialty – the Tao of Nuts:
? sophisticated balance of roasted, lightly salted, caramelized nuts
? enrobed within thin layers of the finest American milk chocolate
? dusted with Extra Brut cocoa powder
? packaged in an urbane Organza bag

Chicago Artizen believes food is about more than just taste – it?s a nostalgic feeling that transports you to a time and place where you can just enjoy that moment. It?s the sights, smells and flavors that bring back the memory of a carefree, child-like state of mind. They create food to connect with people in this moment and make every experience one that feels good and makes you long for more.

From the handcrafted nuts to infused chocolates, you are sure to find something that fits your lifestyle. Perfect for gifting, sharing or as an everyday treat, Chicago Artizen delivers on quality and superior taste.

Elsie Lindgren, Owner
As co-founder of Chicago Artizen, Elsie maintains the business and the brand: a holistic, gourmet chocolate company with guiding principles of sustainability and environmentally conscious practices.

Aaron Lindgren, Culinary Artisan
?As an artisan craftsman, Aaron took the road less traveled by honing his craft under the tutelage of Chef Jim Graham, as a student of Mason DuChocolat, being a Chocolatier for Chef Charlie Trotter and working with Donald Wressel, Captain of the US Gold Metal Cu De Mond team. You can taste the passion of Aaron’s experience in every bite; but it?s his passion for people, for life and for creating enjoyment that inspires him to attempt crafting his soul in food.

Chicago Artizen
Chicago, IL
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