Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Home & Decor

Home decor is more than a cottage industry in Chicago. The City is home to The Merchandise Mart and the area boasts an abundance of talented interior designers and home furnishing stores and resources.

Checkpoint 19 Antiques | Uprooted @ Oak Brook Artisan Market

Checkpoint 19 Antiques – Unusual Plant Topiaries and Vintage Decor

Don and Diane's Checkpoint 19 Antiques and Uprooted sells antique decor along with a wide a variety of topiaries, porch or patio plants, ferns, succulents, terrariums and so much...
Unscripted Folk @ Oak Brook Artisan Market (Oak Brook, IL)

Unscripted Folk – Macrame Plant Hangers, Jewelry and Home Decor

Unscripted Folk is an eclectic label consisting of small batch, fiber art goods that are designed and handmade by Melissa Lang and intended to uplift you and your space. Shop &...
Little Vermillion Crafts at Chicago Artisan Market

Little Vermillion Crafts – Functional, Everyday Pottery and Crocheted Gifts

Little Vermillion Crafts, from mother-daugher duo Resa and Sarah, creates ceramic products that are fun and functional kitchen gadgets for making cooking, dining, and gift giving unique. They also make...
Blank Mason @ Chicago Artisan Market (dark denim candle)

Blank Mason – Hand-poured Soy Candles, Diffusers and Scented Beads

Blank Mason is a Chicago candle brand that entices the senses and transforms your space, developed by owner Sara Jennetten. She creates custom soy candles, diffusers and natural, eco-friendly ceramic...
Peanut Butter Soup - Fabric & Textile artisan, Olivia Schroeder

Peanut Butter Soup from Fiber Artisan Olivia Schroeder

Peanut Butter Soup from Olivia Schroeder is a fiber arts studio focused on creating paintings, prints, embroideries, wearable and accessories. Shop & support Peanut Butter Soup at the Chicago Artisan...
Loamly (ceramic planter with knob legs) - Chicago Artisan Market

Loamly – Uniquely Handmade Ceramics

Loamly by artisan Amanda Jean Iverson brings earth inside with her playfully designed and produced ceramic home decor and functional work. Alternative clay bodies and colors found in nature...
Hyde & Co. Wooden Wick Candle (Cashmere)

Hyde & Park – Unisex Scented Soy Candles, Room Sprays & Diffusers

Hyde & Park Co. is a Chicago-based candle company specializing in unisex scented goods. These masculine and androgynous fragrances for the modern home come as hand-poured, soy-blend candles, wax...
B-Cycled Bottles (The Art of Malt - Johnny Walker) - Chicago Artisan Market

B-Cycled Bottles: New Life for Classic Brands and Bottles

B-Cycled Bottles helps give empty beer, wine and liquor bottles a second life by up-cycling them into tumblers, rocks and shot glasses. Shop & support B-Cycled Bottles at the Chicago...
Hive & Hide Leather Goods - Key Chain & Wallet

Hive and Hide – Bespoke Leather Goods

Small-batch crafted and bespoke leather goods from Amanda of Hive and Hide are created to last a lifetime. Ranging from keychains and valet trays (also called "catch alls") to wallets and...
True Lovelies (Crochet Cactus) - Chicago Artisan Market

True Lovelies – Handcrafted Crochet Plants and Other Goodies

True Lovelies has grown from the creative mind of Anna Sands, a self-taught crochet artist. Based in Chicago, True Lovelies offers a range of adorable handmade creations from crochet cacti...