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Food and wine have become an essential part of everyday living. Discover new recipes, wines, spirits, products and resources in Chicago and online.

Wild Ophelia - Confetti Cake & Peanut Butter Cups

Wild Ophelia: Spirited, Younger Sister Chocolate of Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Wild Ophelia is the spirited younger sister of Chicago-based Vosges Haut-Chocolat.  Founded by Chicago entrepreneur Katrina Markoff, this Fair Trade, non-GMO chocolate line embodies...

JuiceRx – Fresh & Healthy Smoothies & Juices

JuiceRx, founded by Chicagoan Dean Kasal, provides high quality and delicious smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, nut milks, acai bowls, hot soup and raw bites to...
Here Foods - Salad Dressings

Here Foods – Juices, Dips and Salad Dressings Packed with Local Produce

Here Foods, from Megan Klein and Nate Laurell, creates food and beverage products in Illinois using Midwest produce from independently owned farms. They stand...
L:et Them Eat Candles - edible candles

Let Them Eat Candles – Edible Candles

Let Them Eat Candles makes delicious and handmade edible chocolate candles for every celebration. Available in dark and milk chocolate, Let Them Eat Candles...

Lekkco – Premium Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread

Lekkco is a premium Belgian dark chocolate spread that tastes great and is filled with antioxidants. Made from a 60-year old recipe, Lekkco is...
Scone City

Scone City Bakeshop + Espresso Bar

Scone City Bakeshop + Espresso Bar is reinventing the classic notion of the traditional English high tea pastry scone with its chef-driven bakeshop and...
Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix

Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix – A Classic Mixer

Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix is a classic mixer, not to be compared with diluted vegetable juice blends. Irish Dog started out on a...
Schweet Cheesecake

Schweet – Cheesecake Done Right

The Schweet company is more than a brand - they are real people, baking a specialty line of homemade Chicago cheesecakes just for you....
Old Arthur's

Old Arthur’s Barbecue Sauce – 160-Year-Old Family Recipe

Old Arthur's Barbecue Sauce is an American original first crafted by a former slave, Arthur Watts, more than 160 years ago. The recipe and...
StyleChicago.com's Cruise in Style aboard the Odyssey - 5th annual

StyleChicago.com’s Cruise in Style aboard the Odyssey (5th annual)

Join StyleChicago.com aboard Chicago's most luxurious cruise ship for our 5th annual "Cruise in Style" - an unforgettable evening including dinner, cocktails, dessert, DJ...

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