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Food and wine have become an essential part of everyday living. Discover new recipes, wines, spirits, products and resources in Chicago and online.

Munchy Pops

Munchy Pops – Popped Water Lily Seeds

Enjoy Munchy Pops - Popped Water Lily Seeds, the newest plant-based superfood snack in town from three passionate Chicago-based food entrepreneurs - Korat, Gopani...
Spicy Grrrls at Chicago Artisan Market

Spicy Grrrls Hot Sauce – Small batch, Craft Hot Sauces

Spicy Grrrls Hot Sauce, from Maddy and Steph, is a Chicago-made, small batch, craft hot sauce company. They are focused on being flavor forward...

IronChoco – Vintage-Inspired Chocolates in Novelty Shapes

IronChoco produces vintage-inspired chocolate from dark bittersweet chocolate (70%  cocoa) in the style of rusty (chocolate-sprinkled) iron tools and other novelty shapes, forms and...
Tida's Treats at Chicago Artisan Market

Tida’s Treats – Decorated Sugar Cookies & Custom Sweets

Tida's Treats by Chicago-based cookie baker Alicia Andry, makes intricately decorated sugar cookies and savory custom cookies. You pick the theme - and she'll...
SIMplistIC Treats

SIMplistIC Treats – Chocolate-Coated Candy Without the Guilt

SIMplistIC Treats, owned by Andrea Simic, offers a variety of healthy, chocolate coated candies that are all made out of simple, natural ingredients. We...

Recette – Fine French Baking with Contemporary Flavors

Inspired by the thoughtful craft of fine French baking and combined with the love of contemporary flavors, Recette is a new addition to Chicago...

Quevos: Low-carb Snacking Chips Made From Egg Whites

Quevos, created by friends Nick Hamburger and Zack Schreier, are chips made from egg whites that pack in protein, fiber and healthy fats in...
XO Marshmallow

XO Marshmallow – Where Nostalgia Meets Modern, Elevated Flavors

The goal of XO Marshmallow from owner Kat and Lindzi is to bring the nostalgia of sipping cocoa with s'mallows, or roasting s'mores by...

Bettyplum Handmade Confections – Toffee, Caramels and More

Bettyplum Handmade Confections is a small business created by the original Betty Plum's daughters and granddaughters. They sell Betty's original handmade toffee and caramels,...

Gindo’s Spice of Life – Handcrafted Hot Sauces

Gindo's Spice of Life creates fresh pepper hot sauces designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen and support local farmers. Each sauce is handcrafted...

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