Monday, March 20, 2023

Home & Decor

Home decor is more than a cottage industry in Chicago. The City is home to The Merchandise Mart and the area boasts an abundance of talented interior designers and home furnishing stores and resources.

Mad Harriet Ceramics at Chicago Artisan Market

Mad Harriet Ceramics by Dale Frances – Funky Handmade Ceramics

MadHarriet Ceramics by Dale Frances is a quirky, varied and interesting collection of colorful, hand-built and hand-cast porcelain ceramics. Shop & support Mad Harriet at the Chicago Artisan Market in...
Dara Schuman Ceramics at Chicago Artisan Market

Dara Schuman Ceramics – Intricate, One-of-a-kind Ceramic Art

Dara Schuman Ceramics began as a passion project by Dara and has grown into a full-time career of creating functional and decorative ceramics. Each piece is unique and handmade...
Once Again Home at Chicago Artisan Market (Good Habit Towel)

Once Again Home – Absorbent Home Textiles Made from Recycled Bottles

Once Again Home, from home textiles professional Kerry Farris, sells super absorbent, quick dry towels and other home decor made from recycled bottles. Shop and support Once Again Home at the ...
Feather Letting at Chicago Artisan Market

Feather Lettering – Modern Calligraphy for Today’s Lifestyle and Aesthetic

Heather Marshall of Feather Lettering transforms vintage paper with modern calligraphy, blending the old with the new to create truly one-of-a-kind art pieces, holiday decor, and gifts. Shop and support...
Bagman Studios at Chicago Artisan Market

Bagman Studios – Featuring Very Serious Art by Abbas Husain

Bagman Studios features the "very serious art" of illustrator and screen printer, Abbas Husain. All his designs are created from illustrations done by hand that are screen printed in...
B-Cycled Bottles (The Art of Malt - Johnny Walker) - Chicago Artisan Market

B-Cycled Bottles: New Life for Classic Brands and Bottles

B-Cycled Bottles helps give empty beer, wine and liquor bottles a second life by up-cycling them into tumblers, rocks and shot glasses. Shop and support B-Cycled Bottles at the Chicago...
A Girl & Her Pug Woodworks

A Girl & Her Pug Woodworks – Cutting Boards and Charcuterie Trays

A Girl & Her Pug Woodworks specializes in handcrafted cutting boards and charcuterie trays. Owner and artisan Alexa is proud to feature the beauty of the natural woods, free...
A Red Bird

A Red Bird – Vintage Furniture Refinishing & Re-Upholstery

A Red Bird is a small, mother/daughter owned business that restores, reupholsters and reinvents vintage and antique furniture. They gather great furniture, accents and supplies to create unique pieces...
Practical Girl Designs

Practical Girl Designs – Hand-Chiseled Cheeseboards & Serving Slabs

Chicago area artisan Brooke Bartlett of Practical Girl Designs hand-chisels granite and marble remnants into cheeseboards, serving platters on a lazy susan and serving slabs. Shop and support Practical Girl...
Jacob's Candles (dark current) - soy wax candle

Jacob’s Candles – Clean Burning Soy Wax Candles

Jacob's Candles are 100% soy wax candles scented with essential oils, and hand-poured by Jacob himself. Created in small batches, Jacob uses non-toxic, phthalate-free fragrance oils. Shop and support Jacob's...