Thursday, April 22, 2021

Food & Wine

Food and wine have become an essential part of everyday living. Discover new recipes, wines, spirits, products and resources in Chicago and online.

Sweet Nouveau

Sweet Nouveau – Artisan Caramels and Confections

Sweet Nouveau, from owner and head baker Sandra Brumfield, specializes in artisan confections, chocolates, cookies and brownies. All the products are made by hand, in small batches to ensure freshness,...
Nourished Festival

Nourished Festival: Special Diet Expo

The Nourished Festival (formerly Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expos) is the greatest event on earth for those living a gluten-free, allergen-friendly or special diet lifestyle. Purchase half-price tickets to...
Munchy Pops

Munchy Pops – Popped Water Lily Seeds

Enjoy Munchy Pops - Popped Water Lily Seeds, the newest plant-based superfood snack in town from three passionate Chicago-based food entrepreneurs - Korat, Gopani and Savani. Non-GMO and gluten-free,...

InBooze – Happy Sipping With a New Kind of Cocktail

InBooze from founder Ashleigh Evans, creates cocktail kits that infuse your alcohol with flavor, not funky ingredients. Made from dehydrated fruits and herbs, these are a simple way to...
Rollicking Buckaroo Pepper Jam

Rollicking Buckaroo Pepper Jam – Elevate Your Food

Rollicking Buckaroo Pepper Jam is an award winning, all-natural, gluten free and vegan gourmet pepper jam by Mike Frustini. The Rollicking Buckaroo Pepper Jam is satisfying, contains real ingredients,...
A Flavored Jamaican

A Flavored Jamaican – the Cuisine of the Caribbean

Making and serving the cuisine of the Caribbean, A Flavored Jamaican was founded in 2014 in Chicago by Jamaican Chef Kevin. We’re so happy to have A Flavored Jamaican serving...
Celestial Kitchens

Celestial Kitchens: Old-fashioned Quality and Innovative Recipes

Celestial Kitchens from Celeste Dolan is a small-batch bake shop where old-fashioned quality mixes with innovative recipes and design. Celestial Kitchens: Baking the world a better place. For Celestial Kitchens,...
Bnutty Peanut Butter (Totally Toffee & kitchen sink cookie)

BNutty – Gourmet Flavors that go Beyond Ordinary Peanut Butter

BNutty is hand-ground gourmet peanut butter made in small batches in Portage, IN. Containing zero trans fat, BNutty comes in over ten flavors, with many other limited edition seasonal...'s Cruise in Style aboard the Odyssey - July 16, 2020’s Cruise in Style aboard the Odyssey (7th annual)

Join aboard Chicago's most luxurious cruise ship for our 7th annual "Cruise in Style" - an unforgettable evening including dinner, cocktails, wines, desserts, DJ & dancing, and amazing...
Prevail Jerky

Prevail Jerky – Tender, Healthy Grass-fed Beef Jerky

Prevail Jerky is committed to making clean, on-the-go eating as accessible and delicious as possible. That's why they craft Prevail Jerky with you in mind. For the health-conscious snacker,...