Friday, July 1, 2022

Food & Wine

Food and wine have become an essential part of everyday living. Discover new recipes, wines, spirits, products and resources in Chicago and online.

Lee's Grain-Free at Chicago Artisan Market

Lee’s Grain-Free: Paleo Baking Mixkits

Lee's Grain-Free, a woman-owned business from Lauren Savary, brings convenience, affordability, and accessibility to specialty baking with their first-ever paleo baking mixkits. Shop & support Lee’s Grain-Free at the Chicago Artisan...
Teafusion Hand Crafted Beverages

Teafusion Hand Crafted Beverages – Teas and Lemonades

Teafusion Hand Crafted Beverages, from Chicago husband-and-wife team Terrell and Nawana Walton, makes ready-to-consume tea and lemonade drinks. Using real tea leaves, real fruit, and real spices, these beverages...
Gifted Breads at Chicago Artisan Market (gluten-free breads)

Gifted Breads – Certified Gluten-free, Guaranteed Great Taste

Gifted Breads bakes and sells delicious gluten-free baked breads. The bakery was started by Chicago-based Tathy Vosgerau after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease and noticed that she really...
BonBonBon @ Chicago Artisan Market

Bon Bon Bon – Handcrafted Quality Chocolates, Made in the Midwest

Bon Bon Bon from chef Alexandra Clark makes handcrafted chocolate goodness that prides itself on quality and creative flavors. Believing that good people deserve good chocolate, they source their...
Sherwood's Fabulous Fudge - Oak Brook Artisan Market

Sherwood’s Fabulous Fudge – Handmade Using Premium Ingredients

Sherwood's Fabulous Fudge is made from scratch, using only premium ingredients. From husband and wife team Jon and Holly Sherwood, this handcrafted artisan fudge comes in 60 fabulous flavors to tempt...
Skokie Provisions @ Chicago Artisan Market

Skokie Provisions – Everything for At-home, Professional Cooking

Skokie Provisions from John and Rosemary Reed is an artisan food company creating small batch ingredients for a restaurant experience at your own home. Their hand-crafted seasonings, fruit spreads,...
Corspice - Oak Brook Artisan Market

Corspice – Premium Spice Blends, Veteran Owned and Operated

Corspice is a veteran-owned and operated company that creates and bottles spice blends  that are non-GMO, contain no MSG or gluten, and are keto-friendly. Shop & support Corspice at the...
Garlic Breath Farm

Garlic Breath Farm – Certified Organic Garlic

Garlic Breath Farm, from farmers Sharon & Tony Pferschy, grows delicious garlic from their farm to your table using only OMRI certified products. They specialize in growing garlic that...
Sandhill Coffee

Sandhill Coffee Roaster – Tastes Good and Does Good

Sandhill Coffee appreciates the importance of a good cup of coffee. Sandhill Coffee sells freshly roasted, craft coffee that is sourced directly from farms and co-ops, many of which...
Real Fruit Tea (hot or cold) - Chicago Artisan Market

Real Fruit Tea: Concentrated, All-Natural Beverage Mixer

Hot or cold, the small-batch crafted Real Fruit Tea is a 100% all-natural beverage concentrate containing real pieces of fruit, herbs and healthy spices. All you do is add water...