Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Chicago is the fashion capital of the Midwest with a rich community of fashion boutiques, department stores, designers, patternmakers & more.

Selleria Veneta

Selleria Veneta – Luxury Leather, Made in Italy

Selleria Veneta's mission is to bring handbags and accessories of hand-selected, luxury Italian fashion, craftmanship and style to the North America Market. "Made in Italy" is a trademark synonymous...

MyKookieJar – Handcrafted Fabric Button Earrings & Accessories

Karla Garcia is the force behind MyKookieJar which creates unique and handcrafted fabric covered button jewelry and hair accessories for kids and adults. The patterns that Karla see in everyday...
ChicksKicks Boots

ChicksKicks Boots – Upcycled Vintage Western Boots

ChicksKicks Boots are upcycled, vintage western boots - each pair a one-of-a-kind creation from Christina Sepiol. The boots are uniquely re-designed with western belts and other trimmings to get...
CIVAL Collective Jewelry

CIVAL Collective Jewelry – Modern Brass, Stone & Leather

CIVAL Collective an eclectic jewelry design company, studio space and boutique in Milwaukee, WI. Their exquisitely designed and hand-crafted jewelry uses the highest quality brass, semi-precious natural stones and...
Malka Chic

Malka Chic – Tights from Small Sizes to Curvy Ladies

Shop your favorite tights at Chicago-based Malka Chic and discover their large range of prints and colors, including custom designs. With tights sized for all women (including women with...
Poorgirl Shoes

Poorgirl Shoes – Walk your Unique Journey in Style

Poorgirl Shoes are designed by Mary Lawrence and represent courage, strength and determination. She designed Poorgirl for all the girls and women out there who are walking in their...
LuDesigns Jewelry

LuDesigns Jewelry – Lapidary, Beaded & Wire-Wrapped

LuDesigns Jewelry, by silversmith artisan Lucy Clasen, designs and sells lapidary, beaded and wire-wrapped jewelry. Meet & shop with LuDesigns Jewelry at the Chicago Artisan Market on Sunday, May 17,...
Tania Rodamilans

Tania Rodamilans Jewelry

The Barcelona-born Tania Rodamilans of Tania Rodamilans jewelry produces unique statement pieces known for an eclectic, boho chic style. Each piece is made in Chicago from high-quality materials with...
Lee Lee Z Leather - Black Leather Bag

Lee Lee Z Leather – Leather Bags & Small Accessories

Lee Lee Z Leather is a small-batch shop that hand makes versatile leather bags and small accessories using only high-quality materials. Chicago-based leathersmith Leah Zimmerman strives to achieve clean...
Shift Clothier by Julie Kramer

Shift Clothier by Julie Kramer

Designer Julie Kramer founded Chicago-based Shift Clothier to create a line that is ageless, comfortable and fun to wear. She inspires women to express their authentic style through fashion...