Byron Roche Gallery


Byron Roche Gallery exhibits a strong program of technique-driven contemporary art in all media with an emphasis on painting. With an artistic eye honed over 20 years in the gallery business, owner Byron Roche has collected a coherent stable of artists whose individual styles complement each other, creating a pleasing, cohesive whole.

Despite an eclectic mix of modes and media, artists share Roche’s interest in the process and materials behind the work.

Artwork from represented artists remains on permanent rotation throughout the gallery, while the largest space is reserved for individual and group shows.

The gallery space often plays host to a variety of musical acts, including Chicago legends Michael Smith, Cat Eggleston and the late Tom Dundee. Owner Byron Roche has also been known to bust a riff or two on his vintage Martin acoustic.

Stop by the gallery to chat about art, collecting, the local music scene, or life in general. All visitors are welcome.

Byron Roche Gallery
750 N. Franklin St.
Chicago, IL 60610