Breezy Peach – Fresh Preserves Made With Locally Sourced Fruits

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Breezy Peach
Breezy Peach

Breezy Peach from founder Briana Hudson, creates handmade fruit preserves made from naturally sourced fruits. Each jar of preserves delivers a light, airy taste that is perfect for any social gathering as a great complement to any food dish.

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Each jar of Breezy Peach preserves begins with fresh, locally-grown fruit. It is hand-prepared, then slow-cooked to produce a thick, savory product that tastes as amazing as it smells. Breezy Peach promotes community through delicious foods – it is an experience made to be eaten with others!

Flavors currently offered:
Peach – The signature peach flavor is sweet and juicy and will have your mouth watering. Perfect for pies and pastries, you’ll always want to keep this flavor close at hand.
Blueberry – Super savory blueberry flavor is the perfect choice for everyone’s palate, and it is always made with fresh, locally-grown blueberries.
Strawberry – A definite go-to flavor, the fresh strawberries pop with flavor in this preserve. A classic, sweet choice for pairing with almost anything.

Each jar of the all-natural preserves has every ingredient listed on the back label. There are no animals products used, so the preserves can be enjoyed as a vegan treat. The preserves are made without any nuts, eggs, fish, or milk.

All fruit preserves are created and jarred by hand in commercial kitchens.

About the Founder:
Having strong familial values, Briana Hudson uses her brand to keep the foundations of community and togetherness alive. For years, her Aunt Geraldine made delicious preserves on their farm in Alabama, and shared her creations with friends and family. Aunt Geraldine’s all-natural recipe was given to Briana, which she uses to continue creating memories through quality time and good food.

Breezy Peach
Chicago, IL
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