Batch 19

Try a beer that delivers a piece of history in a glass! Batch 19 is a pre-Prohitibion style beer that leaves a bold and crisp taste. Deep gold in color, Batch 19 is naturally filtered and unpasteurized.

Batch 19 is featured in a limited quantities in select locations across the country. But you can get your taste of history here in Chicago!

Batch 19 Chicago locations include:

  • Lottie’s
  • Kelly’s Pub
  • Gallery Cabaret
  • Will’s Northwoods
  • … and more!

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    About Batch 19:

    Batch 19 was created in 2004 after brew-masters discovered an authentic, pre-Prohibition beer recipe dating back before 1919, when beer was banned. The historic style lager delivers a bold, hoppy and balanced flavor and derives its taste from a combination of hops, including Hersbrucker and Strisslespalt. Hersbrucker hops provide herbal notes and Strisslespalt hops deliver notes of black currant. No brewer in America uses this combination today.

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    Batch 19

    Chicago, IL