Basement of the Dead & Shattered 3D: Two Haunted Houses in One Freaky Location

Basement of the Dead - 42 W. New York St., Aurora, IL

Basement of the Dead
Basement of the Dead Haunted House

If you want to get your scream on this Halloween, there’s no better deep, dark thrill than descending into the living nightmare that’s the Basement of the Dead and Shattered 3D.

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Two of Chicago’s top haunts in one terror-filled location, Basement of the Dead is better and scarier than ever this year as it takes you down into the haunted lair of Al and Imus Kilya, who were disfigured in a terrible explosion and haunt the sewers and tunnels below the streets. BuzzFeed named it the No. 1 Haunted House in the World That Will Freak You Out, and Hauntworld ranked it in the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America. If you survive the frights, then you’ll take on the world’s first and only 3D flashlight haunt. Shattered 3D takes you into the realm of an evil clown who’s deadly with a sledgehammer and who reigns over a chaotic circus that assaults your senses with chilling sights and sounds.

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