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Babe Bombs - bath bombs (peppermint or lemon)

Babe Bombs is a locally-created, small-batch bath and shower collection made with natural, organic, paraben-free and cruelty-free ingredients.

We’re so happy to welcome Babe Bombs to the Chicago Artisan Market on Saturday and Sunday, March 6-7, 2021 at Morgan MFG (401 N. Morgan St., Chicago). Discover top Chicago & Midwest artisans in food, fashion, home goods + art.

One of their best-selling items are the bath bombs which are made from a compacted mix of natural ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Infused with all natural ingredients, each bomb is carefully made and matched with an aroma family to create a full-body experience while bathing. Babe Bombs uses ingredient-friendly tools to create bath bombs for users who like to know what they are using on their body.

Popular products include:
Babe BombsBath Bombs – available in a variety of scents and fun shapes
Bath Salts – these shooters are filled with nourishing salts for your body and muscles and are ready to pour into your bath
Bubble Truffles – made to crumble and rub under the water faucet while running your bath
Shower Steamers – infused with essential oils that release during your shower for up to 20 minutes
Sugar Scrubs – brighten tired, dull-looking skin to promote healthy, smooth, and flawless skin

What exactly is a bath bomb?
Bath bombs are fun, colorful balls of dry ingredients. These palm-sized spheres or blocks fizzle and dissolve rapidly and release essential oils when tossed into your bathwater.

Do you still need to use soap to get clean when using a bath bomb?
You still need to wash your body with soap as the main beneficial ingredients in bath bombs are included to leave you soft, supple, and silky. A bath bomb adds emollients and softeners to your bath’s water that moisturize and indulge your skin.

How long does it take for a bath bomb to dissolve?
Babe Bombs are slow-release – meaning the bomb won’t immediately dissolve in the bath. Most of the good bath bombs take about 6-8 minutes in hot water to completely dissolve, allowing you to feel the carbonation while in the tub.

About the owner:
Jessica McCarthy, Babe Bombs creator and founder, was raised in Philadelphia, PA and recently relocated to Chicago. While thriving in her 9-to-5 job as a national promotions manager, she always wanted to create something for herself to feed her entrepreneurial drive. It was then that Babe Bombs was conceived and created.

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