Anti-Aging Gold Serum by D|M Luxury Lifestyle

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Anti-Aging Gold Serum by D|M
Anti-Aging Gold Serum by D|M

D|M Skin Enhancing 14kt Anti-Aging Gold Serum: A potent serum for bringing out the youth and radiance of your skin. It packs a powerful punch with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging ingredients to prevent and reduce signs of aging. Apply a thin layer to skin after cleansing and before apply separate moisturizer for softer, more even skin. It absorbs nicely into the skin, not sticky or tacky and leaves anyone with a nice luminous glow.

The D|M Luxury Lifestyle Brand (by Deanna Marie Label) approach to fashion is fierce. Be yourself – Be fierce – Be fashion!

Watch for an expanded D|M line, including face wash, moisturizer with SPF and eye serum, coming soon.

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