Anne Loucks Gallery

Anne Loucks Gallery specializes in contemporary American painting, sculpture and works on paper.

The gallery represents more than 30 artists, both established and emerging, with artwork in a range of styles and media.

These artists include:

  • Eric Abrecht
  • Rodger Bechtold
  • Gail Bessette
  • Arnor Bieltvedt
  • Deborah Boardman
  • Mark Bowles
  • Pegan Brooke
  • Dennis Campay
  • Larry Chait
  • Grace Cole
  • Rob Colvin
  • Carl Dahl
  • Stephen Dinsmore
  • Rick Ford
  • and many more.

The newly renovated Chicago gallery is located in the West Loop, one block north of Lake Street and west of the Kennedy.

Anne Loucks Gallery
309 Park Ave.
Glencoe, Illinois 60022