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Name:Barenjager Honey & Bourbon
Location:Chicago, IL

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Enjoy Barenjager's new flavor of liqueur! Made with all-natural ingredients, Barenjager's Honey & Bourbon is a delicious blend of premium honey liquor and Kentucky whiskey. Try it on the rocks or with a cocktail for a sweet treat.

Become the bartender for the night by creating one of their delicious signature cocktails!

Barenjager Honey & Bourbon cocktails include:
  • The Ginger Bear
  • Honey & Bourbon on the Rocks
  • Bourbon Sweet & Sour
  • Honey Apple Crisp
  • ... and more!

    View more Barenjager cocktail recipes.

    About Barenjager:
    Barenjager is handcrafted by one of Germany's oldest family-owned distilleries, Schwarze & Schlichte, which has over 340 years of distillery knowledge and tradition.

    Crafted from premium natural honey from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, as well as other natural ingredients, Barenjager adds the subtlety sweet, spicy and herb-edged taste to the regular brew. The spirit's recipe continues to serve as the original honey liqueur enjoyed around the world today.

    To learn more about Barenjager Liqueur, please visit Barenjager Honey Online.

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