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Name:The Chicago Filipino American Film Festival
Location:516 N. Ogden #151
Chicago, IL 60622
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The increasing popularity of the Chicago Filipino American Film Festival (CFAFF) is truly representative of Chicago’s vibrant immigrant community.

CFAFF goes into its 5th annual successful year in 2008 and has several exciting new developments to mark its growth and increasing popularity.

In addition to moving to the 1,300-seat Portage Theater, CFAFF is also hosting a music video contest for the first time.

As one of the largest Filipino film festivals in America, CFAFF’s vision is to support Filipino American talent and to enrich and entertain the Filipino population in the US.

With its 5th annual festival, CFAFF hopes to continue creating a supportive community where Filipinos can showcase their talent with other Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike.

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The 5th annual Chicago Filipino American Film Festival will take place Nov 7-9 in 2008.

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