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Beyond mascara… it's paint-on false lashes!

Fiberwig mascara contains double the fiber for dramatic length. The more you apply, the longer your lashes become.

Made up of two types of extra thin nylon fibers, the short and long fibers intertwine to form a light and smooth film coating that gently surrounds and seals on to your lashes.

The results of unbelievably long lashes will cause you to think they are false, but it's real.

No more Panda-Eyes!
Fiberwig's light film coating defines and separates each lash while creating a fresh and natural gloss finish. Fiberwig will not smear nor smudge when you tear or sweat. Wear it on hot, humid or rainy days without fear of smudging anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

Easy Warm Water Removal
Fiberwig absorbs the warm water and then swells, making it easy to slide off your lashes. When washing your face, simply wet your lashes with warm water, then gently slide off the fibers with your finger and thumb.

Fiberwig mascara can be purchased at:
  • Amazon
  • Sephora

  • To learn more about Fiberwig, please visit them online at

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