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Name:Sensa Weight-Loss System
Hours:Online only

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Dump diets like a bad boyfriend! Now thereís a better way to lose weight.

Sensa is a clinically proven weight-loss breakthrough that helps you lose weight without having to take pills, count calories or give up any of your favorite foods.

Designed to work with your sense of smell to help you feel full faster and eat less, Sensa offers a number of benefits that other diet plans may not, including:

  • No food restrictions
  • No calorie counting
  • No pre-packaged meals
  • No stimulants or fat blockers
  • No pills, drugs or diuretics
  • No intense cravings
  • and more!

    If you've ever used salt and pepper on your food, you already know how to use Sensa. It's that simple.

    All it takes is 3 seconds to sprinkle it on food before you eat. There's no need to change your diet, eat special meals, or starve yourself. You can eat what your family is eating and even go out to your favorite restaurants. Just bring along your Sensa.

    And through this special offer for viewers, youíll save 20% off when you try Sensa by April 6, 2010.

    You may have read about Sensa, created by Dr. Alan Hirsch (pictured left), in the New York Times & Time magazine, or have seen it on Dateline NBC because of a landmark clinical study in which 1,436 people lost an average of over 30 pounds each.

    If you want to lose weight but hate dieting, donít miss out on this exclusive offer. Visit and save 20% when you enter offer code CHISTYLE at checkout.

    To learn more about the Sensa Weight-Loss System, how it works & customer success stories, please visit

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