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Fashion & Style
April 2014

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Chicago Fashion Designers - Buckle Up Babe!

Spice Up Any Dull Outfit
Buckle Up Babe!

Look no further than Buckle Up Babe! for the perfect next edition to your wardrobe. The handmade, mosaic creations turn your belt buckle into the center of your outfit

Buckle Up Babe! is designed by Chicago-based designer Tina Spector. Her collection includes belt buckles and other beautifully designed mosaic and beaded pieces.

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FashionChicago® (Spring 2014): Shopping Event in the Tent
30+ Top Designers - RSVP Now!

Millennium Park - Chase Promenade North

Join in the tent at Millennium Park on Saturday (10am-6pm) & Sunday (11am-5pm...

Our Favorites: Buckle Up Babe!

  • Buckle Up Babe!

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