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April 2014

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Dining & Entertainment Feature Articles - Avion Tequila - Ultra Premium Tequila

Defining a New Standard of Quality & Taste
Avión Tequila

With its agave slow roasted in brick ovens under low temperatures, Avión Tequila spirits offer rich, innovative flavors, fruity aromas and an exceptionally smooth and well-balanced finish.

Praised by spirits experts and enthusiasts alike, Avión Tequila continues to define a new standard of quality and taste.

Scroll down to read more about Avión Tequila & view innovative cocktail recipes.

Pictured above: Avión Tequila

The Three Faces of Avión Tequila

Launched in July 2010, Avión Tequila is changing the way consumers think about tequila. Founder Ken Austin embarked on a personal journey to create a tequila that was not only distinct in flavor but in design. The culmination of his quest is Avión Tequila Añejo, Avión Tequila Reposado and Avión Tequila Silver.

Avión Tequila Añejo:
Aged 2 years with hints of vanilla, caramel, coconut and maple, Avión Tequila Añejo has intense tones of roasted agave, delicate tinges of mint and rosemary, fruity aromas of peach and cherry.

It is extraordinarily harmonious, rich and exquisite in flavor.

Price: $50-$60 / 750ml

Avión Tequila Reposado:
Aged 6 months with a roasted agave presence, notes of cherry, pear, and peach, flower hues of rose petals and tinges of herbs. Its oak aroma is elegant with hints of caramel and vanilla.

It is extremely well balanced and sophisticated in flavor.

Price: $45-$55 / 750ml

Avión Tequila Silver:
The agave aroma in Avión Tequila Silver is intense with herbal tinges of mint and rosemary, delicate hues of flowers and black pepper, hints of grapefruit and pineapple.

It is crisp and clean, well balanced and exceptionally smooth in flavor.

Price: $40-$50 / 750ml

Drink Recipes: Create Avión Cocktails Yourself

Flying Watermelon Cocktail:
(pictured right)
  • 2 oz. Avión Tequila
  • Splash of simple syrup
  • 2 oz. cup watermelon juice
  • 1.5 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 5 blueberries
  • 5-6 mint leaves

    Combine simple syrup with the lime juice, blueberries & mint leaves. Lightly muddle blueberries & mint. Add watermelon juice and Avión. Pour cocktail into tall ice-filled glass. Garnish with the mint sprigs & serve.

    Avión Sunrise:
  • 1.5 oz. Avión Tequila
  • 1.5 oz. Gran Marnier
  • .5 oz. white cranberry juice
  • .5 oz. fresh sour mix
  • Splash of simple syrup

    Add ice, build all ingredients, shake and strain. Served in a Martini or Rocks glass. Garnish with a raspberry and mint leaf.

    Blood Orange Margarita:
    (pictured right)
  • 1.5 oz. Avión Tequila
  • .75 oz. Cointreau Orange Liqueur
  • 1 oz. Blood Orange Juice
  • .5 oz. Fresh Sour Mix

    In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients with ice. Shake & strain; best served over fresh ice & garnish with an orange twist.

    The Perfect Cocktail for a Warm Summer Night

    Now you can make these specialty Avión Tequila cocktails at home with your girlfriends or out on the town!

    Check out the recipes below and re-create your night out at's South Beach Style at Nacional 27, or create a memorable night of your own!

    Verdito Cocktail:
    (pictured right)
  • 1.5 oz. Avión Tequila
  • 1.5 oz. housemade verdito
    (blended pineapple, lime, cilantro & mint)
  • .5 oz. ginger-habanero syrup

    Garnished with a mint leaf; served on the rocks.

    Strawberry Sensation:
  • 1.5 oz. Avión Tequila
  • 1.5 oz. strawberry syrup
  • .5 oz. fresh lime juice

    Garnished with a strawberry
    slice; served on the rocks.

    Elevated Margarita:
  • 1.5 oz. Avión Tequila
  • 1.5 oz. sour mix
  • .75 oz. pomegranate juice
  • Splash of agave nectar

    Garnished with a freshly squeezed lime; served on the rocks.

    Avión Tequila: Publication & Praise

    The Tasting Panel, a preeminent beverage industry trade publication, recently gave Avión Tequila Silver a stellar 95 rating (out of a possible 100) and Tony Sachs, spirits writer for Huffington Post, has also raved, "…the best blanco or unaged tequila I have ever had."

    Not only has Avión Tequila established its standing at the top of the spirits category, but it has also proved itself to be a true "lifestyle" brand as evident through its "starring role" on HBO’s Entourage.

    Avión Tequila was also included in the 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. A private Avión Tequila Party (thrown by Colin Cowie) was selected by Neiman Marcus as one of ten exclusive "Fantasy Gifts"” available for purchase this holiday season. Additionally, Avión-branded t-shirts are currently available at Bloomingdales and Urban Outfitters nationwide.

    Elevate your tastes with exclusive access to photos, contests, recipes & more! Like Avión Tequila on Facebook.

    For more information about Avión Tequila, please visit

    February 2011

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