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Fashion & Style
April 2014

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Chicago Fashion Designers - More Chicago Fashion Designers

Chicago Fashion Designers
Your Insider's Guide to the City's Best

Over 250 designers call the city of Chicago home. Booming with both young and established talent, you can find clothing from trendy to classic to unique anywhere in the city. With a vision that differs from that in New York and LA, the designers that hail from the Windy City have made their own mark on fashion.

Scroll below to view a complete list of Chicago's top fashion designers.

FashionChicago® (Spring 2014): Shopping Event in the Tent
30+ Top Designers - RSVP Now!

Millennium Park - Chase Promenade North

Join in the tent at Millennium Park on Saturday (10am-6pm) & Sunday (11am-5pm...

Runway Show Video & Photos: presents The Art of Fashion 2010
Millennium Park - Chase Promenade North

Featuring the Spring 2011 collections of Chicago's finest designers, hosted The...

Our Favorites: More Chicago Fashion Designers

  • 600 West Collection by Henry Lee
  • Alice Berry Studio
  • Alice Padrul
  • Alidade by Leah Fagan
  • Alyce Designs
  • Amber Lynn Beach - AmberLynn Designs
  • Anke Loh
  • Anna Fong
  • Anna Livermore - V. Mora
  • Blake Standard by Pierre Colorado
  • Borris Powell
  • Bouije Baby Couture
  • Brynn Capella
  • bya Denim
  • C/FAN by Christina Fan
  • CC Bella
  • Cettina by Concetta Cipriano
  • Chapeau Creations
  • Christopher Augmon
  • Crystal B. Designs by Crystal Simms
  • Cyndi Chan
  • Cynthia Ashby
  • Dana Rebecca Designs
  • Dana Reed Designs
  • Diego Rocha Handbags
  • Dottie's Delights by Stephanie Kuhr
  • Ecozini at Nouvelle Atelier in the Andersonville Galleria
  • Elda de la Rosa Couture
  • Elise Bergman
  • Ellie Thompson Designs
  • Eric Kipp Custom Clothiers by Eric Kipp
  • Erin Gallagher Jewelry
  • Forme Millinery
  • Gidi by Taneasha Prunty
  • Haji Couture
  • Harlem Winston
  • Heidi Hess Designs
  • Ilissa Shefferman
  • Jacquelyn Fields Designs
  • Janina Williams - Pieknosc/Belleza
  • Jay G. Moore - Maddie Powers, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Alters
  • Jermikko
  • Jill Alberts Jewelry
  • JKAT Jewelry by Joni Kat Anderson and Matthew Cohen
  • JLee by Jenna Fowler
  • JLee by Jenna Fowler
  • Joelle Nadine
  • Judy Lichtenstein Designs
  • jules. by Julie Schwanbeck
  • Julia Failey
  • K.Amato by Kristen Amato
  • Karen Cooper - She Complete
  • Kate Boggiano by Kate Coxworth
  • Kathryn Kerrigan
  • Kathy Frey Designs
  • Katrin Schnabl
  • Killian Gui by Donaldo Smith
  • Kirk James Collection by Studio 5p1t
  • Lalia Korn
  • Lee Allison
  • Lisa Rosen Jewelry
  • Loreta Corsetti Millinery Atelier
  • Marlena Maree
  • Maureen Fagan -
  • Michelle Tan
  • Miriam Cecilia by Miriam Cecilia Carlson
  • Modahnik by Kahindo Mateene
  • Mona L. Muhammed
  • Mountains of the Moon
  • Nicole James Jewelry
  • Nonnie Threads by Jonnie Rettele
  • Nora del Busto
  • Objets d’Envy by Kirsten Goede
  • Paul Sisti
  • Peachy Tan
  • Peggy Goodman Collection
  • Ping Wu
  • Pretty Afrika Designs
  • r e d d o l l by TM
  • RedShift
  • Sarah Radford - Chic Gems, etc.
  • Serpico
  • Shanel Regier
  • Shavonne Dorsey
  • Sophia Forero Design
  • Sophia Reyes
  • STEFANI B Jewelry
  • Sujata Designs
  • Sunny Jeanne
  • Susan Elizabeth Designs by Susan Eichstaedt
  • Susanne Siegel Designs
  • Swaby by Shernett Swaby
  • Sweet Lies Golf
  • Tennille White
  • Tiddlywinks and Scallywags
  • Tonya Gross Millinery
  • Trois Chemises Couture
  • Valerie Downs
  • Vatit Itthi
  • Vaute Couture by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart
  • Veronica Riley Martens
  • Wanda Cobar
  • Zamrie by Ashley Zygmunt
  • Zoe Knits
  • Zoe Oliver
  • Zola Jones Designs

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