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April 2014

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Beauty Trends & Tips - H2O Plus: Explore the Natural Depths of Skincare

Explore the Natural Depths of Skincare
Introducing H2O Plus’ Sea Pure Collection

After 20 years of pure hydration, H2O Plus has decided to dive into something new in an au natural manner.

In mid-October, H2O Plus will launch its Sea Pure Skincare Collection, an all-natural collection enriched with a breakthrough anti-aging technology and newly discovered marine ingredients.

Take the dive with H2O Plus and leave anything unnatural behind.

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Pictured above: H2O Plus gentle refining polish

Explore the Natural Depths of Skincare

H2O Plus invites all skin conscious individuals to explore the depths of skincare with its new Sea Pure Collection. H20 Plus takes pride in its ability to not only create a diverse line of all-natural products, but to create one that actually works.

The combination of biotechnology with sea ingredients is what helps to make H2O Plus' new product line so reliable. Aside from the infusion of natural sea ingredients, the botanicals used in Sea Pure are extracted naturally, eliminating all unwanted and extra chemicals that so often make an appearance in other lines of skincare.

One of the ways Sea Pure is extremely effective is in helping to prevent skin from looking aged and haggard. The secret? Paying special attention to sirtuin levels, a portion of the skin cell that helps to turn over dead skin cells and replace them with young, radiant looking skin.

By naturally extracting sirtuin and combining them with sea products, a naturally hydrating anti-aging formula emerges and calls itself the Sea Pure Skincare Collection.

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  • Sea Pure Skincare Collection
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  • The Natural Movement:

    H2O Plus recognizes that in today's beauty market, the words "organic" and "natural" are thrown around, interchanged, and over-used.

    Rather than splashing around the world of what some people believe to be organic, and what others do not, H2O Plus chose to stick to strictly natural ingredients through a natural extraction process. Each product wears a seal telling the consumer what percentage of the product is natural, and which harmful chemicals it does not contain.

    This strategy is based off of honesty and truth, an important part of any relationship. Luckily, H2O Plus does not mess around in regards to its relationship with the consumer.

    Stated within the H2O Plus seal is the following: "100% vegan & biodegradable, does not contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates and sulfates-cruelty free/against animal testing."

    It's no wonder H2O Plus believes that honesty is the best policy. When choosing to reveal all merely highlights the quality of its natural elements, it becomes difficult not to want to learn more about a product that doesn't hold anything back and, quite frankly, it doesn't have to.

    Although its main focus is the content and quality of its products, H2O is not ignoring the importance of each product's exterior packaging. All of H2O Plus' packaging is minimal, recyclable and void of secondary boxes or corrugates. H2O Plus respects the environment as it is the natural provider of its products' ingredients.

    The New Collection:

    The Sea Pure Collection offers eleven new products, ranging from face hydration formulas to body buffers. This helps H2O Plus achieve their goal of providing a pleasant experience from head to toe.

    Sea Pure's wide range of products (both skincare and bodycare) are smooth enough to bathe your skin in the finest natural elements and wash away the impurities.

    The Sea Pure collection combines the purest deep-sea botanicals, including sea moss and sea mayweed, as well as land-cultivated ingredients, such as bamboo and essential citrus oils. Not only do these elements work together to create an extremely hydrating formula for the entire body, but they create a relaxing aroma without the use of any synthetic fragrances. This serves as another way H2O Plus has begun the natural movement.

  • H2O Plus' Sea Pure line is created with the power of the sea and holds the power to heal, protect and renew. The Chicago based company focuses on infusing all of its products with water elements "plus" marine extracts. This holds true for the new all-natural collection of skincare and bodycare as well as the past collections offered by H2O Plus.

  • With the launching of this all-natural product line, H2O Plus hopes to soon have its entire repertoire composed of 100% natural products.

    Sea Pure Skincare Collection:

    From the beginning, H2O Plus has had an understanding of the importance of water and marine botanicals in skincare. In choosing to create an all natural product, these elements have been preserved and deliver the same positive outcome as they have in past H2O products.

    Products in the Sea Pure Skincare Collection include:

  • Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser: Features H2O Plus' new blend of youth-renewing science fused with powerful marine ingredients to replenish sirtuin levels, keeping skin healthy and young.

  • Sea Pure Gentle Refining Polish: An exfoliating polish enriched with bamboo extract and hydrating sea moss which effortlessly reveals skin's natural glow. 100% natural, this formula smoothes and gently turns over tired skin.

  • Sea Pure Renewing Prep Tonic: This tonic refreshes and readies skin to receive moisture. Full of essential citrus oils, including grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange, as well as aloe extract, the Renewing Prep Tonic smoothes fine lines and energizes skin.

  • Sea Pure Sheer Lotion SPF 15: This smooth SPF lotion goes on as easily as water and protects the skin both under makeup and on its own. Its silky, lightweight feel makes the formula extremely easy to wear both day and night.

  • Sea Pure Deep Moisture Cream: Emollient coconut and jojoba oils mix with marine-cultivated ingredients to help replenish sirtuin levels as well as deflect aging free radical damage. This cream can be used as a daytime remedy for dry skin, or as a naturally nourishing night cream.

  • Sea Pure Perfecting Eye Cream: This 100% natural eye cream fades the look of fine lines and refreshes firmness with marine-derived ingredients. The antioxidant-rich sea mayweed hydrates all delicate areas around the eye, leaving the consumer feeling refreshed and observant.

    Sea Pure Bodycare Collection:

    Sea Pure's Bodycare line is fortified with sea lavender, which helps to bring more life to the skin with a naturally derived antioxidant protection.

    Sea lavender can be found along coasts, where it absorbs a generous amount of minerals and vital nutrients from nearby sea salt concentrations. When combined with various pure marine elements, the relaxing aroma of lavender emanates from the product to help create a soothing skincare experience.

    Products in H2O Plus' first all-natural body collection include:

  • Sea Pure Cleansing Body Oil: This 97% natural lightly foaming oil helps to give back the hydration one's skin loses from day to day. Infused with sea lavender, silky shea butter and pure sunflower seed oil, the Cleansing Body Oil is perfect for helping to fight of the sting of Chicago winters.

  • Sea Pure Reviving Body Buffer: Pure sea salt, revitalizing sea lavender, sunflower and olive oils come together to create a sensory-soothing buffer balm. The product helps to polish the surface of the skin to reveal an effortless glow.

  • Sea Pure Purifying Body Mud: 97% natural, Purifying Body Mud is a natural mineral mud mask, enriched with therapeutic sea lavender. The treatment turns any home into a spa as it eliminates excess oils and impurities while the sunflower oil replenishes, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

  • Sea Pure Replenishing Body Cream: Quench your skin's thirst with Sea Pure's Replenishing Body Cream. The sensory-soothing formula melts into skin, resulting in a lusciously smooth feel.

  • Sea Pure Finishing Body Silk: Putting on a silk slip will no longer deliver the same smoothing satisfaction as it once did after using Sea Pure's Finishing Body Silk. This 100% natural serum saturates skin with a smoothing concentration of sea lavender, jojoba and sunflower oil.
  • H2O Plus Street Cred:

    While the launch of H2O Plus' Sea Pure Skincare and Bodycare Collection is a large step for the company, H2O Plus still takes pride in its original product and company standards. The knowledge of just how important water is to the human life pulses through H2O Plus' offices and has drenched the lives of individuals in over 20 countries.

    With the launching of Sea Pure during H2O Plus' 20th anniversary year, the company knew that it needed to create an all natural product with the strength and life offered in water coupled with the honesty that is so often practiced by the company.

    Out of the eleven Sea Pure products, all are 100% natural with the exception of the Renewing Prep Tonic, which is 96% natural, and the cleansing body oil, which is 97% natural. These products are still hydrated with the same natural elements and deliver a refreshing splash of restoration.

    Although H2O Plus is best known for its first product, Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment, a moisturizing face gel that helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, H2O Plus still has an extensive knowledge of what the rest of the body needs, as well. The launching of Sea Pure means that five new hydrating bodycare products, full of natural sea elements and hydrating formulations, will be available to the consumer in mid-October.

    Where to Find H2O Plus:

    H2O Plus products are available at the following locations:
  • H2O Plus Retail Stores
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Carson Pirie Scott
  • Select Macy's
  • Beauty 360
  • Ulta

  • For a further look into the depths of H2O Plus' product lines, visit H2O Plus Online.

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