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April 2014

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Beauty Trends & Tips - A Kiss of Relief: Blistex Lip Care

A Kiss of Relief: Blistex Lip Care
Introducing Blistex

Your lips are a noticeable feature. When you talk, laugh or smile, they're highlighted whether you like it or not.

Keep them healthy with one of the products offered by Blistex, a sure way to get them noticed for more reasons than one.

From shine to revitalization, Blistex is sure to have a lip care product to cater to everyone’s personal preferences.

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Pictured above:Blistex Deep Renewal, a recent product found in's signature goodie bags.

A Kiss of Relief: Blistex Lip Care

Promising to deliver a surge of moisture lips can feel, Blistex has been keeping lips healthy since it was founded as a family company in 1947.

Twenty years later, Blistex headquartered itself out of Oak Brook, IL, one of Chicago’s western suburbs, in order to better pursue quality and excellent customer service. The move allowed the company to create its own research and developmental facility. As it turns out, this is not all it helped the company achieve. It has turned them into one of the most popular lip care providers worldwide.

Regardless of the transformation from "fam" to glam, Blistex lip care products are still full of the original high end nutrients to keep customers looking fabulous day in and night out.

The original quality of Blistex is ensured today by the second generation of the founding family. The company still believes in product quality, growth, innovation and leadership. Why? Those at Blistex believe that some things should never change.

  • Why Blistex?
  • Products For The Lip Conscious
  • General Tips For Caring For Your Lips
  • What Are Lips?
  • Where Is Blistex?
  • Why Blistex?:

    Although Blistex is not merely a lip care producer, it is impossible not to recognize it for its array of lip care products. For over 60 years, Blistex has been using its expertise to create lip products that are technologically advanced enough to soothe, relieve and shine.

    Angelina Jolie, a celebrity noted for her luscious lips, has chosen to trust Blistex to care for her signature Hollywood trademark. In 2006, Blistex was named as one of InStyle Magazine’s 165 Beauty Buys of the year.

    You’ll often find Blistex Deep Renewal lip balm in our signature Goodie Bags because no fashionable women should be without a medically effective lip balm that makes both your smile and your health shine. If you don’t believe us, ask Angelina Jolie (in Blistex she trusts), the celebrity with arguably the hottest pair of lips in Hollywood.

    Regardless of how many stars rely on Blistex to keep their lips red carpet ready, this lip care brand will shine as a star in itself. The company’s ability to create a vast line of lip care that both medicates and moisturizes while adding a hint of color and kissable flavor has given it enough reason to become a product known and used across the world.

    Products For The Lip Conscious:

    Just as variety is important to keep an individual’s attention, having various products available to please a large number of clients is a top priority for Blistex. From renewal treatments to fruit-flavored lip balm, Blistex’s product catalog is sure to please any lip conscious individual.

    Some of the Blistex products include:

  • Deep Renewal: Infused with coenzyme Q-10, Blistex brand Deep Renewal lip protectant is an anti-aging treatment meant to visibly reduce deep and fine lines, improve lip health and vitality, and moisturize, protect and renew.

  • Complete Moisture: Full of penetrating moisturizers, Blistex brand Complete Moisture actually contains moisture to quench the thirst of dry lips. In order to help protect you even further, Complete Moisture is equipped with SPF 15.

  • Silk & Shine: Two essential qualities packed into one lip treatment, Blistex brand Silk & Shine leaves your lips feeling satiny soft with a touch of shine. Silk extracts and vitamins A, B5 and E help to create a silky texture to help the surface of your lips feel smooth.

  • Raspberry Lemonade Blast: Being health conscious about your lips no longer has to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast has a refreshing fruit blend flavor all while hydrating your lips with effective moisturizers and dermatologist recommended SPF 15.

  • Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips (DCT): Composed of aloe, lanolin, cocoa butter and vitamins A and E, Blistex DCT keeps lips looking healthy, soft and supple. DCT is also infused with SPF 20 and petroleum to help retain moisture and prevent possible sun damage.

  • Fruit Smoothies: Variety is the spice of life. Choose between Berry Explosion, Melon Medley and Triple Tropical flavors. Things not effected by your decision: Vitamins A, B5 and C, natural moisturizers for lip hydration and dermatologist recommended SPF 15. Enjoy the flavor of your lip care without having to give up quality.

  • Aside from their large repertoire of lip products, Blistex also houses the following brands:
  • Stridex
  • Kank-A
  • Foille
  • Ivarest
  • Glysomed
  • General Tips For Caring For Your Lips:

    Generally speaking, remembering to care for your lips while dodging the trials and tribulations life tosses your way on an everyday basis is not at the top of your to do list. Luckily, Blistex has compiled a list of six tips to help keep your lips in great condition, no matter what may threaten to weather them.

    Tip One: Use lip care daily: Remember to use lip care as a part of a daily routine. It will help keep lips looking healthy, and takes a few seconds.

    Tip Two: Use lip care before exposing lips to a dry environment: Using lip care before entering a dry environment helps to seal lips off from damaging, drying conditions.

    Tip Three: Use lip care before sun exposure: The sun’s rays are harmful all year round, and unless you constantly wear a mask of protection, your lips are exposed to the damaging UV rays each time you step foot outside. Using lip care before heading outside helps lips looking healthy and young.

    Tip Four: Treat sore/chapped lips with a medicated lip treatment: Medicated lip treatment helps to provide relief to already sore and chapped lips all while helping to heal lips.

    Tip Five: Use lip care under or instead of lipstick: Aside from helping to moisturize lips, wearing lip care underneath lipstick gives color a more even look.

    Tip Six: For smoother lips, use a lip care that exfoliates: Exfoliating lip care helps to rid your lips of damaged skin cells and rehydrates lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    What Are Lips?:

    Sure, we live with them since we’re born, but aside from recognizing the always blushing portion of your face, not many people know what lips actually are. The lip experts at Blistex have a few words and facts that may help to clear up any possible questions about lips.

    Lips are the perfect weather men. They know exactly when winter is coming and how bad it will be outside. How do they show it? They chap.

    Although lips are still just as fleshy as the rest of one’s body, there is a scientific reason as to why they chap and arms don’t. The answer lies in their structure. Lips do not have the same protective structure, or stratum corneum, as the rest of the body’s skin, nor are they equipped with the same oils and sweat glands.

    Sweat glands add moisture to skin, keeping them from becoming dried and chapped with the first kiss of winter air. However, since lips are void of any sweat glands, they become targets and are much more susceptible to becoming chapped.

    The best way to help out your lips is to constantly keep them moisturized and protected. This helps save them from the harsh changes of weather.

    Where is Blistex?:

    Blistex is available for purchase in most drugstores and grocery stores.

    Some locations include:
  • Albertson’s
  • Dominick’s
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Meijer
  • Osco Drug
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • July 2009

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