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April 2014

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Beauty Trends & Tips - Fight Frizz! Control Curls!

Fight Frizz! Control Curls!
How to Get Smooth, Silky Hair for the Summer

Tired of struggling every day with an unruly mane? Beginning to doubt the effectiveness of your long, arduous hair care regimen?

An increasing number of salons are providing long-lasting variations on traditional hair straightening that will leave you with more time for barbeques and the beach!

We recently spoke with Chicago area salon owner Charles Ifergan to get his advice on summertime straightening.

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Pictured above: Charles Ifergan Salon

Fight Frizz! Control Curls!

Summer is here! But for those with frizzy, curly or wavy tresses, the season of fun and sun can mean hours of struggling with blow dryers and flat irons.

What is it about summer that makes people’s hair more difficult to manage?

"Humidity!" says stylist Charles Ifergan, owner of Charles Ifergan Salon. "It makes fine hair flat and curly hair becomes too puffy and unmanageable."

Luckily, stylists like Ifergan have taken solutions from around the world and brought them into their salons to help you get that straight, silky hair you’ve been dreaming about.

Here’s a breakdown of some hair-straightening techniques salons are offering this summer:
  • Brazilian Smoothing Treatment
  • Japanese Straightening System
  • Euro Relaxing Process
  • Brazilian Smoothing Treatment:

    This revolutionary smoothing treatment is formulated to restore and revitalize all types of hair by infusing Keratin deep into the hair cuticle. With each treatment, the Keratin build up will eliminate up to 95 percent of the frizz and some of the curl.

    The Brazilian Smoothing Treatment makes it faster and easier to blow dry hair, leaving your locks soft, shiny and luxurious. Ifergan says you can repeat the process every 3 to 4 months or stop without any negative results.

    The Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is mild enough for colored and highlighted hair and takes about two to three hours for each application.

    Cost: $350 to $400

    Japanese Straightening System:

    No more fear of humidity or swimming! The Japanese Straightening System permanently straightens hair, eliminating curls, waves and the hated excess puffiness—without having to blow dry and flat iron your hair.

    The process takes between four to six hours and needs to be retouched every six months.

    Unfortunately, this system is not recommended for colored hair.

    Cost: $400 to $600

    Euro Relaxing Process:

    If you want straighter hair just for the summer, the Euro Relaxing Process is perfect for you.

    The Euro Relaxing Process relaxes and softens curly hair, reducing excess volume and leaving gentle waves.

    The Euro Relaxing Process requires some blow drying and flat ironing to achieve silky, shiny hair. The process only takes about an hour and a half and costs much less than many other straightening processes.

    Cost: $200 to $300

    Charles Ifergan Salon:

    The Charles Ifergan Salon has been featured in Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire and GQ, as well as on Oprah and Good Morning America. This one-stop beauty center offers a variety of services, including hair cuts and coloring, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages. The salon’s Chicago location is at 106 E. Oak St. For more information, visit Charles Ifergan online..

    If you’re interested in using any of these processes to give yourself those straight locks you’ve been looking for, contact the Charles Ifergan salon at (312) 642-4484.

    July 2009

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