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April 2014

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Beauty Trends & Tips - Aura Cacia: Sophisticate Your Senses

Sophisticate Your Senses
Introducing Aura Cacia

Sick of heading to the doctor each time something ails you?

Instead, try an aromatherapy treatment with Aura Cacia Essential Oils. From sleep troubles to balance, the advanced oil collection offered by Aura Cacia is sure to help.

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Pictured above: Aura Cacia Essential Oil

Experience Aura Cacia Essential Oils

With the mad rush of life, it is impossible to dodge all sicknesses and worries that are constantly flung your way. Instead of adding a doctors visit to your "to-do list," avoid the stress and treat yourself to a health conscious experience in your own home.

The leading company in aromatherapy methodology, Aura Cacia understands the true power of essential oils. Since their beginning in 1982, their understanding of the natural power of essential oils has fueled their passion to bring about awareness of their company and aromatherapy in general.

Aura Cacia prides itself on its use of all natural ingredients, in-house testing strategies, and giving the customer all of the ingredients in each of their products. To Aura Cacia, the environment and the customer are extremely important and Aura Cacia refuses to let either one down.

Why should you use Aura Cacia?

With nearly 70 different essential oils available, Aura Cacia is sure to have a product that will help you. Essential oils contain a multitude of organic constituents and are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than the oils in dried herbs. Hormones, vitamins and other natural elements found in natural oils work together to benefit your mental and physical health.

Aura Cacia never lies to its customers. Each individual essential oil shows exactly what is in the bottle. Customers will never see the term "botanical fragrance" on an Aura Cacia label, because it is too vague. The full ingredient disclosure policy practiced by Aura Cacia allows the customer to fully understand what ingredients are working together to help him or her live life to the fullest.

Whether you're trying to balance, energize, meditate, relax, be passionate, or purify, Aura Cacia Essential Oils is sure to have a blend of natural ingredients to help enhance your aromatherapy experience.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

While each customer benefits from certain aromas a bit differently, some of the strongest benefits of aromatherapy stand true for all clients.

The top four benefits for aromatherapy are:

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Mood enhancement, balance, and well-being
  • Relief of minor discomforts
  • Boosts immune, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • As the scents are inhaled, the aroma travels from your nose to the part of the brain that controls mood, memory, and the ability to learn. Depending upon which aroma has been used, the brain reacts to fix whatever ailments the individual may be feeling.

    Aura Cacia Essential Oils are not merely effective because of their scent. The application of a diluted essential oil can be placed in the location that needs the most care, which helps the oils to effectively target the right place.

    Specific benefits of aromatherapy come with each differing scent. Perhaps one of the best known benefits of aromatherapy, Lavender, Chamomile, and Sandalwood are all excellent in helping to induce a restful slumber. However, when looking for the opposite effect, Rosemary, Cinnamon Leaf, and Peppermint are all infused with natural elements to help keep any aromatherapy fan energetic.

    Aromatherapy Formulations

    Aside from its fragrance versatility, Aura Cacia is also versatile in the ways that it can be used. Gone are the days when aromatherapy candles ruled the scented medicinal practice realm. Now, the amount of uses for Aura Cacia Essential Oils will make each experience seem brand new, even if you are experimenting with the same scent.

    Enjoy Aura Cacia Essential Oils in the following ways:

    Massage: A direct passport to mood enhancement. Massage involves others by a sense of touch and is effective in creating moods of relaxation and sensuality. Three oil blends are deep relaxation, after workout blend, and lovers blend.

    Summer Skin Care: Despite all of the wonderful things that come with the summer season, it is also coupled with windburn, sunburn, bites and scrapes. Essential oils can help soothe your skin and lift your spirits with Soothing Skin Oil, Too-Much-Sun Spray, and Clay Poultice.

    Body Powder: Try this easy to make body powder using a natural base such as arrowroot, white clay, rice flower or cornstarch. Making it yourself allows you to create your own personalized scent as well as avoid talc, which can cause lung irritation and is often found in store bought powders.

    Skin Toner: Want to help tighten your skin and close pores after cleansing? Combine a half cup of spring water and 20 drops of essential oil to help tone and rejuvenate.

    Bath: Relaxing in itself, a bath can be a way to calm down after a tough day. However, adding Aura Cacia Essential Oils can add an aromatherapy treatment and help you multitask without lifting a finger.

    Facial Steam: Facial steams help to deeply cleanse the skin while essential oils help to detoxify and purify. The combination of the two helps to keep skin looking young and healthy. Aura Cacia offers blends for oily skin, dry skin and mature skin.

    How does Aura Cacia help to enhance your aromatherapy experience?

    Aura Cacia does what it can to give its customers the best possible aromatherapy experience available. In order to do so in a simple fashion, they offer an Aromatherapy Deck, a deck of 54 cards that "will guide you through your own aromatherapy experience."

    With the Aromatherapy Deck, making an extra trip to the Spa and paying an extreme fee for the same treatment doesn't have to be an option. Full of hundreds of recipes, directions and formulations, the Aromatherapy deck makes it possible for you to enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

    The Aura Cacia Aromatherapy deck is divided into three parts:

  • Essentials: Allows you to get to know the essential oils that are most popular and useful for aromatherapy.
  • Benefits: Gives the individual a change to explore the specific scientific and physical effects of aromatherapy through descriptions, methods and suggested oils.
  • Formulations: Provides blends, ideas and methods for Aura Cacia oils that take advantage of the natural synergies among the essential oils

    Where is Aura Cacia?

    Aside from ordering Aura Cacia from the online store , Aura Cacia is available at the following locations:

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Komoda, Inc.
  • Pour Vous Bath and Body LLC
  • Ethical Planet
  • July 2009

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