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April 2014

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Design Trends & Tips - Sheer - Innovative Kitchen Design

The Sheer Kitchen
Design Studio Furniture

Join Chicago-based Design Studio Furniture, as they present the only Sheer kitchen on display in the United States.

A modern kitchen formulated from only the highest quality material and adorned with cutting edge kitchen technology such as unique anti-bacterial, anti-odor electronic patented device, Sheer is the future of sleek, innovated kitchen design.

Pictured above: The Sheer Kitchen by Gatto Kitchens.

Forget all preconceived ideas of what kitchen islands should be and look like. Sheer is an ideal marriage of modern design and kitchen usability integrated with the latest technology that will change the notion of what modern kitchens should be.

And, it has made its way to United States, thanks to Chicago’s Design Studio Furniture (which has now closed its location at 225 W. Hubbard St). This Chicago showroom is the only display of Sheer in the United States.

Gatto Kitchens, the Italian designers behind Sheer, are know across the world as the top kitchen designers in Europe.

Sheer, which consists of a central globe and sleek wall cabinet unit available for purchase together or separately, is a kitchen with a symbolic and compact shape, utilizing space to perfectly suit modern cooking and living necessities.

Global Design

Sheer is the only kitchen in the world made of an extraordinary, state of the art material: carbon fiber. Carbon fiber, a material much lighter and more resistant than stainless steel, is the ultimate expression of the most advanced technology and is also used in Boeing jets.

The kitchen is equipped with a unique anti-bacterial, anti-odor electronic patented device, with UV technology.

The upper hemisphere attaches to the ceiling and opens to reveal a kitchen with a silent and powerful statement. The lower half-sphere contains a circular work top with a double sink, four infrared burners, a removable lava stone for oil-free cooking, three bottle coolers that chill beverages in three minutes, a retractable table and trolleys that rotate around the island for easy access.

The freestanding wall unit, which can be used to separate rooms and space, is made of carbon fiber and stainless steel. It contains cabinet and drawer space, as well as many different combinations of appliances, including an oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine, a bar, and a motorized rolling shutter that can be used as a home video screen.

Customizing Options

Since each kitchen is made from scratch, Gatto Kitchens can customize most of the Sheer to fit each customer’s exact taste.

The basic package comes with the wall and the actual sphere. From there, the kitchens are custom built per the individual’s needs. Pieces and accessories that are added on to the basic units are chairs, a garbage disposal, all the appliances, the rolling carts and an anti bacterial garbage can.

Gatto Kitchens prefer to use Miele appliances, but will use the brand of choice as long as it fits.

Color and material choices for the kitchen include:

  • The top of the sphere, available in two finishes: Frosted white or Fume (smoke).
  • The counter tops, which can be made in any color.
  • The chairs are available in black, white, brown, or red leather.

Home Installation

Because each kitchen is custom built by the actual designers/manufacturers, it will need to be installed by professionals. Gatto Kitchen will send over its production team to discuss exactly how the kitchen should to be configured and evaluate the space and any work needed to be done, including electric and plumbing.

The pieces of the kitchen are imported from Italy then brought to the customer's home. Time frame for installation will vary greatly depending on each home.

More About the Design History

The Sheer Kitchen is actually a product of many minds, including children and students. The design was created in collaboration with scientists and the input of school age kids. Gatto Kitchen was drawn to this design because of how unique it is and the science and technology gone into the development.

Since this kitchen was created with the help of students, Gatto Kitchens currently donates a percentage of each sale to schools in Ancona, Italy.

February 2008

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