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Dining & Entertainment
April 2014

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Dining & Entertainment Feature Articles

Dining Before a Show
Pre-Theater Dining in Chicago

What better way to kick off a night at the theater than with a meal beforehand? Many restaurants located near theaters recognize their patrons' needs for an elegant, but timely meal before a performance by offering pre-show dining specials.

Here are some restaurant suggestions for pre-show dining from located just minutes away from some of Chicago's finest theaters.

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Avant-garde Zinfandels from Known Growing Regions
Plungerhead by The Other Guys

Plungerhead by The Other Guys is the Zinfandel for Zinfandel lovers. Made with character for cha...

Wine with Sonoma's Story; California's History
Leese-Fitch by The Other Guys

Leese-Fitch wines by The Other Guys celebrate the restoration of a rich part of Sonoma, Californ...

World Class Spirits made in the Heart of Brazil
Leblon Cachaça

Leblon Cachaça, made from fermented & distilled cane juice in Brazil, is just the spirit to star...

Old World Traditions & Values
Pennywise Wines by The Other Guys
Stepping back to the days where all wine companies were family owned and operated, Pennywise Wine by...

A Glimpse into the Bygone Era
Hey Mambo

Get the best of California and Italy with Hey Mambo wines by The Other Guys. These eyebrow-rai...

Chilean Wines by Parque: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz & Chardonnay
Chilean Wines with a Beautiful, Lasting Finish

From the beautiful Colchagua Valley of Chile comes an exquisite, sensational array of Chilean wi...

The Clean Style of Clean Slate Riesling
A Crisp, Refreshing & Beautifully Balanced Wine

Clean Slate is known and has been acclaimed for its refreshing and unique taste profile. With it...

High Note Argentinean Malbec
A Brilliant, Vibrant Wine from Argentina

High Note Malbec offers a brilliant violet color with intense, sweet spice on the palate balance...

Matchmaker, Matchmaker...
Dating Advice From Selective Search's Barbie Adler

Looking for that special someone but not sure where to find him?

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