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April 2014

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Design Trends & Tips - Color Trends for 2008

Hot New Colors for the Home
New trends for 2008

Want your next dinner guests to swoon over your Quahog dining room? Your Chipotle kitchen? Your Cocoon foyer? What do all these words mean? They’re the hot new colors for the home in 2008! talked with local and national color experts to find out what colors raise blood pressure and why white isn't just plain white anymore.

Preview upcoming color trends from Pantone's 2008 Color Palettes

Creating a more personalized home starts with the colors we splash on the walls. According to Michelle Quaranta-Herzog, local color expert and owner of Colori Paint & Color Boutique, Chicagoans are better embracing vibrant colors, such as reds, oranges and yellows.

A national increase in color interest has paint and color companies increasing the number of color palette selections for their clients and customers.

This allows homeowners to create a tailored, clean look by choosing hues that are a response to the world around them, explains Pantone color expert Leatrice Eiseman.

“A home has a different message and different meaning for the people living in it,” Eiseman says.

Bring nature home with green

Eco-friendly trends are multiplying by the hour, and don't think homes are going to be left out. More and more Chicago residents are choosing to live eco friendly and their green and blue-green living rooms are a reflection of that.

“That’s beyond trend. It’s a lifestyle,” Eiseman says.

A growth in greener living has also inspired colors and patterns in wallpaper and fabrics. Both offer natural colors with patterns and fabrics inspired by landscaping and nature, says Lucy Rose Singh, owner of Lucy Rose Design Showroom, a company that offers contemporary and 20th century designers' fabric, wallpaper and rug collections.

Expert Tip #1

Try to avoid too much green color in the bathroom, which can reflect off the wall and give skin a greenish, sickly cast when looking in the mirror, explains Zimmer.

See Expert Tip 2

But going green with color is more than just a Chicago trend, according to paint and color expert with thw Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute, Debbie Zimmer, who notes greens are becoming the new neutral.

“That palette is really about utilizing hues that represent the natural environment,” she said.

Expert Pick
Living an eco-friendly life is more than a choice, it's a commitment. Here's a color that will surely bring out your earth-friendly conscience.

Expert pick is one of many popular colors requested at Colori from Michelle Quaranta-Herzog, owner and local color expert. Shown is Quahog.

Warm up to red

In Chicago's world of city traffic, slow public transportation and unpredictable weather, a cozy home is essential. Many Chicagoans are choosing a deep red for their homes, creating a warm and vibrant mood.

Colors such as Oxblood Red and Brown have a quality that can make a room warm-up and seem more inviting, explains local interior designer, Scott Arthur Yerkey from Scott Arthur Yerkey Design, Inc.

“They're simultaneously lively and luxurious; they add depth and timeless sophistication to interior spaces,” he said.

Expert Tip #2

According to Zimmer, it may be best to avoid red in the bedroom because it's known to increase blood pressure.

See Expert Tip 3

These days, red kitchens and living rooms are all the rage. Stand out from the rest by including deep oranges and yellows. It's original an unique, without sticking out your neck too far.

According to Quaranta-Herzog, many Colori customers are moving away from traditional reds in the kitchen to bolder, orange-infused hues like Curry and Chipotle, which Colori keeps plenty of in stock.

Expert Pick
Red can give a room that warm fuzzy feeling. Here is a vibrant variation that will offer a sense of warmth with a whimsical attitude.

Expert pick is part of Pantone's 2008 color prediction Savories palette . See the complete color forecast below..

High-class sophistication with white

The newest and perhaps most en vogue trend is one that, for the most part, avoids color all together, yet can be of the highest sophistication.

You guessed correctly if you said --white, the most oft-avoided color for homes.

Pairing white hues with a high-contrast color, like black, will give a room a mature and refined look.

Expert Tip #3

If you're not ready for just plain black and white, Zimmer explains that off-white and off-black colors are also OK to use and will give the same, high-contrast effect.

Back to Expert Tip 1

Paints like C2, the brand Colori carries, are not afraid to push the new white obsession. While expanding the white palette, some have even pushed the color to the top of the fan decks, highlighting them first to customers, according to Quaranta-Herzog.

Expert Pick
White creates a simple, yet sophisticated environment and gives a crisp and clean feeling to any room that houses the color.

Expert pick is one of many popular colors requested at Colori from Michelle Quaranta-Herzog, owner and local color expert. Shown is Cocoon.

One thing about color that has changed over the year is that it's used more frequently, which has allowed Chicagoans to display the bold personalities and brave choices.

Pantone's 2008 Color Predictions

Looking for more inspiration? Here's a sample of palettes from Pantone. Notice your favorite greens, reds and whites below, then use the palette to complete the rest of your look and you'll be ready to bring in the New Year with style.

High Profile:

These sleek colors are a great, modern update on a more traditional color palette.


The colors of this palette reflect a more pastoral and gentle combination of greens, browns and yellows, with a little bit of pink.


This palette combines a new-aged mix of past color schemes to give a new perspective on older looks.


Drawing inspiration from the east and objects such as porcelain and silk textiles, this color palette is reminiscent of an accent China.

Ethnic chic:

Enjoy classy combinations of color inspirations from around the world in this palette.


Think fountain of youth; cleansing and fresh are the inspiration behind the Wellspring color palette.


This palette draws upon the inner child and provides a fun and fanciful feel.


Look to this palette for the newest neutrals, inspired by the outdoors and perfect as background colors.

August 30, 2007

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