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Spa & Beauty
April 2014

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Beauty Trends & Tips - GHD - Heat Styled Hair

The Heat Is on with GHD

Let's face it. Your hair rarely does what you want it to do without some form of carefully executed styling routine, usually involving curling irons, blow dryers, and lots of product.

You may achieve a glam-worthy look, but all that styling takes a toll, leaving your strands dried up and frizzed out.

Enter GHD, a line of hair care products meant to work in favor of all those curling irons and blow dryers. They've created a four-step styling process involving Thermodynamics: Cleanse & Nourish, Protect, Style, and Finishing.

We show you how to get gorgeous locks in three super cute styles. All the products you'll need are listed in the instructions, but make sure before you start creating your new look that you have a styling iron with curling and straightening capabilities, such as GHD's Original Ceramic Styling Iron.

GHD's hairstyling products are a fabulous choice for creating these looks. You can purchase GHD products online at Sephora, and in the Chicago area at the Trio Salon in Evanston. The styling irons are available at Sephora in the Shops at Northbridge, Sample, B-Too Michael and Tsubo.

Bardot Waves

Envy the effortless chic of Brigitte Bardot. Her style (and her hair) was relaxed and glamorous � the kind of look that is perfect for anything from a first date to a cocktail party.

Follow these steps to emulate her simple and elegant hairstyle:

  • Step 1: Massage a protective shampoo and conditioner into your hair, working from root to tip. When your hair is rinsed, spray on a detangling spray and comb through.

  • Step 2: Spray in a thermal protection spray to protect your hair from heat styling.

  • Step 3: Apply a smoothing balm throughout your hair to smooth flyaways, paying special attention to the mid-lengths of your hair. Blow dry using a round, anti-static brush, working all the way down to the tip. Part hair down the center from the nape of the neck to form three sections. Then, spray small sections of hair with a styling spray.

    Plant a styling iron vertically at the root of a small section and rotate 180 degrees, slowly pulling the iron down to the end of the section. The result will be a long, spiraled curl. As you continue to create curls, experiment with placing the iron either vertically or horizontally at the base of the section to create a more natural look.

  • Step 4: Define curls with a shine serum to control frizz and flyaways. Spray with a medium-hold hair spray to hold the look in place.

  • Geometric Body

    Fine hair can have trouble holding on to any stylized look � but that risk is drastically increased when the hairstyle is straight. The key to maintaining body and volume for fine hair is in the styling. These foolproof steps will boost even the flattest of fine hair.

  • Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add preliminary volume. Then follow with a moisture-restoring leave-in conditioner treatment. Focus on the ends to boost shine where you need it most.

  • Step 2: Spray in a thermal protection spray to protect your hair from heat styling.

  • Step 3: Pull sections of your hair up and spray a volumizing hairspray directly onto the roots. Blow dry using a round, ceramic brush, trying to keep the brush stationary at the root. Leave the brush in place for a few moments after you remove the heat to maintain volume. Gloss over with a styling iron, pulling the iron at a right angle from the root, leaving hair silky smooth.

  • Step 4: Finish with a gloss or shine spray for a lasting sheen.

  • Catwalk Curls

    Naturally curly hair tends to be dry and frizzy. But if you�re out to embrace big, sexy curls, there are a few moisturizing and nourishing tips you should follow to make sure you get the most out of your curls.

  • Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with a restorative shampoo and conditioner to add strength and moisture. Comb in a repairing cream to control damage and prep hair for heat treatment, concentrating on the ends.

  • Step 2: Spray in a thermal protection spray to protect your hair from heat styling.

  • Step 3: Palm in a smoothing cream before blow-drying to calm frizz and smooth your hair down. Part hair at the nape of your neck and blow-dry in sections, using a round, anti-static brush.

    When hair is dry, separate hair into small sections and spray with a styling spray. Plant the iron at the base of a section and rotate the iron, pulling all the way down to the ends. For a more natural and loose look, make sure to curl every other section in the alternate direction.

    When you have completed curling with the styling iron, pin the curls down with small clips. Allow your curls ample time to set before removing the pins.

  • Step 4: Fan out your curls to create your desired look, then gloss with a gloss or shine for shimmer and hold.

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