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Art Galleries - Chicago
  • Art Galleries - Chicago

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Art Galleries - Chicago
May 2015

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Art Galleries - Chicago

Vintage & Fine Art Posters
Poster Plus

Poster Plus, a retail gallery & showroom specializing in original vintage posters, fine art posters, books and gifts, is located one block west of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Original vintage poster inventory ranges from 1890s European advertising and American travel posters to World War propaganda, circus posters and Chicago themes (e.g. 1920s transit posters, World's Fairs, sports, and city festivals). Learn more about Poster Plus

42nd Annual Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival
Downtown Hinsdale - Burlington Park

Head to picturesque downtown Hinsdale on Saturday & Sunday, June 13-14, 2015 for the the 42nd ...

BYOB Painting: Learn to Paint in Relaxed, Fun Class - Half-Price Tickets
Bru Coffee Chicago

Exercise your creative muscles at BYOB Painting from the Learning Bar at Bru Coffee Chicago. Y...

BYOB Painting: Learn to Paint in Relaxed, Fun Class - Half-Price Tickets
Bughouse Theatre

Exercise your creative muscles at BYOB Painting from the Learning Bar. You'll learn the basics... Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

Our Favorites

  • Ken Saunders Gallery
  • 4Art Inc.
  • Anchor Graphics
  • Andrew Bae Gallery
  • Angelique Art Gift Gallery
  • Ann Nathan Gallery
  • ARC Gallery
  • Belloc Lowndes
  • Calmer House Gallery
  • Carl Hammer Gallery
  • Carrie Secrist Gallery
  • Catherine Edelman Gallery
  • Colletti Gallery
  • Douglas Dawson Gallery
  • DouglasRosin Decorative Arts & Antiques
  • Fine Arts Buildling Gallery
  • Flat Iron Artists
  • Francine Turk Gallery
  • Frederick Baker, Inc.
  • Function+Art
  • G.R. N'Namdi Gallery
  • Galleries Maurice Sternberg
  • Gallery 1756
  • Gallery KH (formerly Mary Bell Galleries)
  • Gallery Provocateur
  • Gallery Stuart-Rodgers
  • Gruen Gallieres
  • Gwenda Jay / Addington Gallery
  • Habatat Galleries
  • Havana Gallery
  • High Risk Gallery
  • Hilligoss Galleries
  • Instituto Italiano di Cultura
  • Jean Albano Gallery
  • Jo-Gi Gallery
  • Joel Oppenheimer Inc.
  • Johnsonese Gallery
  • Judy A. Saslow Gallery
  • Kass Meridian
  • Kavi Gupta Gallery
  • Lill Street Art Center
  • Linda Warren Gallery
  • Linda Warren Gallery
  • Lora D. Art Gallery
  • Maya Polsky Gallery
  • Melanee Cooper Gallery
  • Mongerson Galleries
  • Nicole Gallery
  • Oak Gallery
  • Orleans Street Gallery
  • Packer Schopf Gallery
  • Packer Schopf Gallery
  • Pagoda Red - Bucktown
  • Pagoda Red - North Shore
  • Penny & Gentle Fine Art Studio
  • Perimeter Gallery
  • Platt Fine Art
  • Poster Plus
  • Primitive
  • R.S. Johnson Fine Art
  • Richard Gray Gallery
  • Rita Bucheit Ltd.
  • Russell Bowman Art Advisory
  • Sacred Art
  • Spencer Weisz Galleries, Ltd.
  • Stephen Daiter
  • Svenska Mobler
  • The Arts Center Highland Park
  • The Golden Triangle
  • Thomas Masters Gallery
  • Thomas McCormick Gallery
  • Thomas Robertello Gallery
  • Vale Craft Gallery
  • Valerie Carberry Gallery
  • Walsh Gallery
  • Wiessman Gallery
  • Woman Made Gallery
  • Zg Gallery, Inc.
  • Zolla / Lieberman Gallery
  • Zygman Voss Gallery

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